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IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumnus: Gaining Knowledge and Skills Within and Beyond the Classroom

26 Aug 2022

Aatiq Kazimi Bin Norzuhaimi (PC217) is currently employed at Adastream Sdn Bhd. working as a Assistant Lab Chemist. He started his journey at IMU by joining the University’s Foundation in Science programme and continued his studies in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme at the same University. He shares his fond memories of his time at IMU here.


In my opinion, being a student at IMU for 4 years in total has prepared me for the working life in variety of ways. Due to the way the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme is structured, which consists of a balanced mix of chemistry that is related to pharmaceuticals as well as the more general part of the course, I was able to transfer and use some of the prior knowledge gained in my current position and field.


In terms of chemistry, this programme has equipped me with laboratory skills such as general laboratory skills, safe handling of chemicals, as well as understanding of various concepts and testing parameters. These skills which may seem simple, and since we, as students have been exposed to its use in the earlier years of the programme, we may take it for granted, in favour of the more complex and challenging concepts that we have learnt. But in my case, it is the strong grasp in the basics that is required in my work, something which is properly developed in the early years in the programme.

However, the most important aspect obtained during my years in IMU was not directly learnt from the classroom – it is the ability to think, to persevere, to communicate with peers and higher up alike, as well as to find our way when faced with adversity.

IMU is filled to the brim with various opportunities for personal growth and development. Various clubs and departments offer various opportunities through event management, volunteering, and part-time work. For me personally, I was involved in part time work for Student Services Department, as well as Marketing Department. These opportunities allowed me to have some sort of a safe training ground to have a taste of working life and to learn balancing between work, academics, and personal life.


Involving myself with various events allowed me to sharpen my communication skills, presentation skills, project management as well as how to manage people. With all the equipped skills, I am able to properly communicate with clients and suppliers alike, presenting and pitching my idea and findings to my superior, planning various tasks and tests, as well as accepting various negative feedbacks and learning from past mistakes in order to better myself.


In short, the knowledge obtained for the programme, as well as the various knowledge and skills obtained outside of the classroom, has successfully prepared me holistically for the working life. I would strongly suggest one to not only focus on academics, but to also stimulate the mind and senses towards other opportunity and challenges that IMU has to offer. While academics and knowledge are important, other skills obtained outside the classroom can get you the extra mile. Even so, it is more important to enjoy, be true to yourself, and have fun while at IMU.


Written by Aatiq Kazimi Bin Norzuhaimi (PC217)

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