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IMU Biomedical Science Students Win Research Awards at 12th Malaysian Symposium of Biomedical Science (MYSYMBIOS)

25 Aug 2022

A dynamic team of IMU final-year Biomedical Science students, Isabelle Chow WeiNuo, Liau Xiew Leng, Muhammad Nooraiman Zufayri bin Mohd Noor, and Sarah Khor Lei Qi shone in the 12th Malaysian Symposium of Biomedical Science (MYSYMBIOS) held on 9 – 10 April 2022.

The undergraduates clinched awards in various categories of oral and poster presentation competitions held during the virtual event, organised by the University of Nottingham, Malaysia.


Among the competition categories, the IMU students won the following awards:

Non-Communicable Diseases (Oral Presentation)

First Prize

Sarah Khor Lei Qi

Supervisor: A/Prof Dr Chye Soi Moi

“Investigation of Melatonin-Induced Autophagy in HepG2 cells via SIRT1/FoxO3a Pathway”

Genetics (Oral Presentation)

First Prize

Liau Xiew Leng

Supervisor: Prof Anthony Rhodes

“Identification of Mesenchymal-like Colorectal Cancers by Immunohistochemistry”

Others (Oral Presentation)

First Prize

Isabelle Choe WeiNou

Supervisor: Dr Anil Philip Kunnath

“A Retrospective Review Of The Functional and Aesthetic Outcomes of Rhinoplasty in Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL)”

Poster Presentation

Second Prize

Muhammad Nooraiman Zufayri Bin Mohd Noor

Supervisor: A/Prof Dr Chye Soi Moi

“Investigation of Melatonin-Induced Autophagy in CNE1 cells via SIRT1/FoxO3a Pathway”

The awards will be an inspiration for future generations of IMU Biomedical students to cherish such opportunities to participate in national and international symposiums and present their research work. As biomedical science is an ever-evolving field, its vital role in society today may only be realised by encouraging future generations to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.


The emphasis on developing inquiring minds in the three-year IMU Biomedical Science programme is evident through the conduct of final-year modules in “Current Trends in Biomedical Sciences”, “Research Methodology”, and “Research Project”. Students work on individual projects guided by experienced supervisors in exciting fields such as neuroscience, cancer biology, drug discovery, biofilms, and many others. The programme is also accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science, UK.

MYSYMBIOS is a prestigious intervarsity event held annually, which serves as a platform for aspiring biomedical scientists to showcase not only the research that they have recently done, but to also give them the opportunity to demonstrate their communication skills. In addition, the symposium serves as a networking hub for researchers to connect and exchange notes on similar research interests.


Every year, the theme changes in accordance to how science has progressed over the years. In 2021, the theme was “Honouring the Past, Treasuring the Present and Shaping the Future,” where the emphasis was on upholding the legacy of scientific discoveries. The event, first in its series to be conducted virtually, was hosted by the International Medical University Society of Biomedical Science (ISBS) with a highly successful congregation of more than 400 biomedical science undergraduate students and faculty from 17 private and public universities across Malaysia. This year, the event centred on the theme “Scientia in this Millenia”, highlighting the applications of science in our everyday lives, as well as the evolution of technology in this era.


During the two-day conference, there was never a dull moment as it was filled with riveting research presentations and interesting talks from knowledgeable keynote speakers. Accompanying those activities, participants also engaged in a friendly competitive Kahoot© quiz as well as a resumé writing workshop by BiomedKL.

Written by Muhammad Nooraiman Zufayri and Sarah Khor,
Final Year IMU Biomedical Science Students (BM119), Class of 2022


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