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IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumnus Pursues his Masters in Australia

09 Jun 2015

Eugene Ngim, a graduate of the International Medical University (IMU)’s three-year Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry, is currently pursuing his Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) at Curtin University, Australia. He was given credit exemptions for a few modules in the MPharm programme in view of his good performance in the Bachelor degree. E4 “I decided to join the Graduate Entry Master (GEM) of Pharmacy in the year 2015 offered by Curtin University, the most vibrant university in Western Australia (WA). At Curtin University, it was both a challenging and eye opening experience for me to be with students from different countries, backgrounds and cultures, it was hard to work with these students initially.” “As time goes by, it became better when we spend more effort on active listening. It was really amazing to know their stories, especially different areas of previous studies that they did including pharmacology, microbiology, nursing, biomedical sciences, occupational therapy, pure chemistry, and even chemical engineering!”

“It was a privilege to be an IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry student because credit exemptions are given for certain modules which reduce the workloads for the 2 years MPharm course in Curtin. The IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry course has also greatly helped me to set a strong foundation in the science of pharmacy.”

E3 “One of the selective module (Skills Development: Extemporaneous Dispensing) has enabled me to work with different prescriptions and proper labelling, prepare the precise formulations, intended use of the medicine and counselling points. It has fully equipped me with prior knowledge and practical skills that is very useful in understanding the lecture and preparing the compounding products during laboratory sessions in Curtin University.”

 “The first study period is an intensive six-week training programme involving 30 hours weekly contacts and continuous assessment. Indeed, in the first study period that I had completed was very challenging. Having said that, I have more time to work on the modules because of the credit exemptions, which is fabulous.”

“Being a GEM student, we have the benefits of receiving more focus teaching and attention due to smaller batch of us. Moreover, the friendly lecturers and staffs are always enthusiastic to offer help.” E1 “Curtin University has the best library facilities and resources, international students’ supports, students’ well-being services, sports facilities, extra-curricular and volunteering activities that help to build up leadership skills and interpersonal relationships.” “The modules in my first year focus on pharmaceutical science, pharmacology and pharmacy practice. The creative tutorial sessions with brainstorming games help us to use our knowledge that we gained from the lectures to apply in term of practical sense. Having computer dispensing practices and pharmacist-patient counselling sessions enable us to mirror the roles of pharmacists.” “At the end of my first year, I will complete a community pharmacy and hospital placement under the supervision of a practicing pharmacist. I am looking forward to become a part of the Western Australia pharmacy community.”

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