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Spring Cleaning Session Ensures Senior Citizens Live in a Clean Environment

06 Aug 2015

11 July 2015 – A third follow-up visit for 2015 under IMU Cares Ti-Ratana Project was successfully conducted at the Ti-Ratana residency, Desa Petaling. A total of 26 students, along with 26 staff from International Medical University (IMU)’s Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Dietetics with Nutrition, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pathology Departments participated in this activity. Staff who participated in this event include faculty from various programmes, support and corporate staff. IMG_0007IMG_0013IMG_0055 During the second visit, a needs analysis was done. It was apparent to us that the senior citizens homes need some spring cleaning. Thus spring cleaning (Gotong Royong) session was arranged and conducted successfully. IMG_0054 Inter-professional learning was adhered to develop healthcare students as future inter-professional team members. This collaboration will help to facilitate improve healthcare outcomes for patients. Prior to this visit, the trainers on “Basic Exercises for Elderly Citizens” were arranged at IMU Rehabilitation Centre and it was successfully carried out for IMU faculty and staffs who have volunteered to be the trainers. 9 faculty members and staff were trained as the trainers. IMU CARES The whole team arrived Ti-Ratana residency at 9:15 am. There were identified coordinators for each venue – 2 male and 1 female who lead the students and the staffs at each respective venues. The session was initiated with basic exercises for a duration of 30 minutes. This activity was followed by the spring cleaning. There was full commitment and team spirit seen all through this project. IMG_0024IMG_0053 An evaluation was carried out on the citizens who commended on the support and caring attitude of the IMU Cares members. The reflective notes from the students showed they were very satisfied with the activity. This activity gave them an insight that besides healthcare screening, activities such as on spring cleaning also showed how caring are IMU staff and students and their team work. The senior citizens thanked them individually for being caring and ensuring their homes were clean and safe. IMG_0061

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