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IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree Leads to a Career in the Pharmaceutical Industry

19 May 2016

Phuvaneswari Arumugam joined IMU in 2012 to begin her studies in pharmaceutical chemistry. Three years later, she graduated with her degree and immediately after graduation, obtained a job as a regulatory affairs executive at Unimed Sdn Bhd, a company which specialises in niche generic pharmaceutical finished formulations with 30 years of commitment in the arena of pharmaceutical business in Malaysia. PC2 Recalling her first interview for this job, Phuvaneswari said, “The knowledge that I have learned in my degree programme has made the interview process less stressful for me as I was able to answer the questions relevant to the job scope.” PC3 “My first day in the company was awesome, I was a little nervous because I never worked in a pharmaceutical industry before. However my friendly colleagues has made it easier to adapt into the new working environment. My working life at Unimed started with me reading the Malaysia Drug Registration Guideline and reviewing the documents of pharmaceutical products before registering the products with the Malaysian Authorities (National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau – NPCB). By reviewing the documents, I realised that what I have learned in my degree is actually related to my job scope. It has helped me to understand what I read in the documents such as process validation protocols, BE studies and Microbiology attributes. I would say that the pharmaceutical chemistry degree in IMU has really guided me in my working life.” “So far I’m enjoying my working life even though it can be stressful. The pharmaceutical chemistry degree in IMU not only provides me with theoretical and practical experiences in chemistry but also indirectly taught me how to handle stress and became a multi-tasker. I’m still learning and gaining more experiences every day and am really grateful that I am a graduate of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree from IMU.”

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