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IMU Pharmacy Students in Finals of Innovation and Entrepreneur National Competition 2017

22 Nov 2017

Short Description of CoDel Pharma CoDel is named from Co (Counselling) and Del (Delivery). CoDel pharma is a mobile application that helps you to order new prescriptions and refills medication instantly. We do medical counselling at your doorstep together with your purchased medication. Thus, we categorised CoDel as the pharmacy delivery service instead of the mail-order pharmacy service that is exists in Malaysia. Journey of Transforming a Group of Pharmacy Students into Entrepreneurs 27 October 2017 – 31 October 2017 – I took the initiative to take part in the ‘Innovation and Entrepreneur National Competition’, organised by Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, together with my 3 teammates or currently, my business partners. We participated in the competition with our innovative project named “CoDel Pharma” – a pharmacy delivery service through mobile application. During the preliminary stage, there was participation from 96 groups all over Malaysia including those from public universities, private universities, community colleges and polytechnics. Only 30 groups were chosen to enter the semi-finals, based on the written business proposal plan and video pitching. Fortunately, we were chosen within the top 30 groups to enter the 5 days 4 nights innovation and entrepreneur national competition. We were given free accommodation in UKM, while the pitching competition was held in Philea Mines Beach Resort. We had our oral business pitching in front of 5 judges who are successful entrepreneurs or CEOs of a company. We successfully did our pitching in 10 minutes and managed to convince the judges with our ideas, providing effective Q&A. It was unexpected and we were blessed to be qualified in the top 10 teams, getting into the finals. We were very fortunate to receive private coaching by one of the judges, Mr Riz (co-founder of CodeArmy), during the night before the finals, to prepare us for the next intense 7-minutes pitch in the finals. We learnt a lot from his advice and mentoring, alerting us of the information that were lacking in our pitch.

In the final round, we once again pitch in front of another 6 well-known judges from different backgrounds and companies. That was our last pitching in the competition, but it is not the last one in our life. We may not bring glory to IMU this time as a student, but we hope to be able to contribute more as an IMU alumni.

Although we did not win in this competition, we managed to gain various connections that may help us pursue further in this project, to make it a successful project. The end of the competition indicates the beginning of our future entrepreneurship. Connection – “The key to success” Although we didn’t win in position, we won in connections. We are all happy and satisfied to get to the finals, being able to connect with people from all backgrounds. We managed to connect with Mr Rizz (CodeArmy Co-founder), Mr Rafe (MDEC head of digital ecosystem), Dato’ Arulchelvam (Ebizu Chief Evangelist & Executive Director) and others. They are nice and helpful. They advise us on entrepreneurship, leading us the way to be successful entrepreneurs. With this opportunity, we the CoDel team, will continue to approach and share our ideas with them to make this project successful and be successful entrepreneurs.

Connections – the key to succeed should be implemented in everyone. Our dean, A/Prof Zulkefeli also advised us on the importance of having broad network and connections with people from various backgrounds. We are glad to have him as our mentor and supervisor in this entrepreneur project. Thank you for believing in us from the beginning and willing to assist us with passion. We are so touched and we sincerely appreciate it.

Moreover, we would also like to thank IMU for giving us the opportunity to take part in this competition, allowing us to gain an unforgettable experience in our lives. This is not the end for us, it is only the beginning – CoDel Pharma – The pharmacy delivery service. Appreciation message towards my partners I would like to use this opportunity to thank my group partners – Lok Yen Ling, Lim Chan Pheng, Choon Vivien. I couldn’t make it this far without all your support and contributions. I know that you have all worked hard and have put in lots of effort to make this idea a successful one. CoDel will not succeed without your contributions. The pathway for the success of CoDel is still a long way, but I believe with our endless continuation passion, we will soon succeed and this will increase Malaysian perception on our professionalism of a pharmacist. Together let’s pursue further and achieve another level of achievement in our entrepreneurship.

Written by IMU Pharmacy student, Chu Jianfeng

Words of Inspiration for IMU students Chu Jianfeng – Dream big and unleash your full potential!! Take your initial steps and just do it. You will never know, you could meet someone outside there, who is willing to assist you!!

Choon Vi Vien – Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. Enjoy every bit of your university life! Participate in any activities to expand your network and connection with people from different backgrounds. YOLO!

Lim Chan Pheng – Never stop trying and failing. Failure leads to success.

Lok Yen Ling – Be brave and venture forth into the unknown.

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