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IMU Staff and Students Learns about Inter-Professional Learning at an IMU Cares Project

03 Jul 2015

IMU CARES 23 May 2015 – A second follow-up visit for 2015 under International Medical University (IMU) Cares Ti-Ratana Project was successfully conducted at the Ti-Ratana residency. Participants include 55 students from the Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Dietetics with Nutrition, Nutrition and Chiropractic programmes and 41 staff. Staff includes faculty from various programmes as well as support and corporate staff. Tiratana-23may2015 (12) Inter-professional learning was adhered to, at this project to develop the students as future inter-professional healthcare team members. This collaboration will help to facilitate improvement in healthcare outcomes for their future patients. Various activities were carried out at different venues simultaneously. The activities include basic massaging for the senior citizens, compliance of medication safety and storage at Ti-Ratana dispensary, introduction and teaching on educational toys to toddlers and pre-school children at the baby shelter as well as training on ‘Making of Chinese knots’ for children both boys and girls aged from 7 years onwards, at a girls’ home. 20150519_10081220150519_091750 Prior training was given to 6 volunteers who comprised of academicians and corporate staffs on ‘Basic Massaging”. This is in preparation for staff to apply basic massaging effectively to the Ti-Ratana residents. Tiratana-23may2015 (56)Tiratana-23may2015 (43)Tiratana-23may2015 (40) The residents enjoyed each activity they participated in. The senior citizens shared that they really enjoyed the massaging applied on them. Through the students’ reflective notes and staff’s brief reports, they shared their views that this was a commendable project and this was a ground for inter-professional learning.

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