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IMU Welcomes Pioneer Cohort of Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes Management and Education Students

22 Mar 2019

4 March 2019 – The International Medical University made history by admitting its very first cohort of Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes Management and Education (PGDDME) students early in March this year. The launch of this programme is timely as Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes in Asia and this programme trains Diabetes Educators. Diabetes educators are healthcare professionals who educate, support, and advocate for people affected by diabetes. “I have always wanted to develop my professional nursing career towards a clinician pathway that specialises in diabetes. This is because diabetes is becoming a global problem and there is a demand for quality diabetes educators who can help people with diabetes better manage the disease by facilitating behaviour change”, said Wong Soh San, one of our students in this programme. Wong Soh San is also currently practicing as a nurse in a hospital. Another student, who is an IMU alumna and currently working as a pharmacist, Nah Ying Wa adds, “There has been a drastic increase in diabetes rate in Malaysia and as the disease progresses, I have seen a decrease in quality of life in patients with diabetes. I have decided to further my education in this area as what I will learn from this programme is relevant to my role as a pharmacist in retail practice and beneficial to patients, especially those living in remote areas.” IMU's Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes Management and Education's Programme Director Commenting on the inaugural intake, Dr Lee Ching Li – the Programme Director of the programme said, “When we developed this programme, we were driven by a mission to train competent diabetes educators towards improving the ratio of diabetes educators to patients with diabetes in the country for improved diabetes outcomes. Healthcare professionals from different disciplines such as nursing, pharmacy, dietetics and medicine, provide care for people with diabetes. Having comprehensive knowledge and experience in diabetes management and education can help improve the care we provide for better patient outcomes.” Soh San adds, “It is also really satisfying to see people with diabetes get well when they come back to see me for their follow-up appointment. I believe that by taking this programme, I will be better equipped with the knowledge and skills to become a quality Diabetes Educator who can improve the clinical outcomes and quality of life of people with diabetes”. “My current role as a pharmacist in retail practice is limited to providing medication counselling and device utilisation techniques. This programme can polish my skills and update my knowledge to become more patient-oriented and use evidence-based disease management when I see people with diabetes. I am also looking forward to learning more about the multi-disciplinary aspects of diabetes care” said Ying Wa. Students have the opportunity to can earn their Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes Management and Education in just 1 year! If this is too demanding, students also have the option to stretch it to 3 years. Designed to suit working adults, this programme uses a blended learning model that incorporates online learning, clinical practicum at the student’s place of work, and a maximum of one week spent per semester learning at the university campus. This delivery allows the student to maximise learning anywhere and anytime. There is no end-of-semester examination and students will be assessed via a 100% in-course activities that include individual assignments, group activities and face-to-face assessments. Related article: IMU Offers Highest Qualification for Diabetes Education in Malaysia  

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