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IMU’s Student Services Hub Takes Care of Students During MCO

07 Apr 2020

When the news of Movement Control Order (MCO) (18 March till 14 April 2020) was announced by the Malaysian government, Malaysians from all walks of life were taken aback. Daily routines were affected and adjustments had to be made accordingly to all these sudden changes. During this critical moment, many students were stranded in their hostels or residences. While having to make adjustments to online learning while coping with homesickness (staying away from their family), they also face a main issue which is none other than preparing meals. Who can these students turn to at this point in time?

Taking this into consideration, the International Medical University (IMU) Student Services Hub (SSH) headed by Saravanan Muthiah and May Kuan Ming Gal together with their team started an initiative to cater to the University’s students’ meals. With all the food fully subsidised by IMU, the students were really blessed to have their welfare taken care of during this trying time. The students were really grateful and truly appreciated IMU SSH’s hard work and sacrifices in making sure their needs are looked into and well taken care of.

Here is what some of them have to say:
“You take care of our welfare, we take care of our studies.”
“I’d like to thank each and every person involved in the catering of food at IMU. Your kindness will not be forgotten during this troubling time.”
Yes I am very grateful and appreciative for the help that is given especially at times like this. Even a simple walk down for food elevates my mood. They are kind and generous. So thank you very much to them.”
“From the bottom of my heart, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to Mr Sara, Miss May Kuan, and all the students involved for their sacrifice and working around the clock every day during MCO to feed us well. God bless.”
“Thank you very much for doing this. I would like to say I really appreciate the gesture of SSH providing meals for us in this trying time and the meals are really delicious. I think it’s safe to say all students enjoyed the meal very much. The volunteers are nice and friendly too. Thanks.”
“The meals from SSH save me during MCO. I don’t have to travel far to get the basic food that I need.”
“Thanks for the contributions and kindness from SSH! I am aware students who stay in Government Universities’ hostel were the only ones  getting sponsored food, but I didn’t know private kaki like us could be sponsored too! Some more we are staying at private hostel! The menu is surprisingly good! Every meal is like feast that wipes away our boredom in MCO! 😀 Glad to have you, all the SSH members, student helpers, food caterer and security guards around! Salute to the unsung heroes!!”
“I would like to express my genuine gratitude to IMU SSH for initiating this kind act for all of us who are staying at the hostel during MCO. They saved us from the hassle of buying groceries/ ordering food delivery, we need not to worry about the food supply! I would like to thank all the helpers who help in this act of kindness. Thank you!”

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