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Informative Course on “Demystifying Molar Endodontics” for Dental Practitioners

21 Sep 2022

IMU School of Dentistry and IMU Centre for Lifelong Learning (ICL) have been organising a course entitled “Demystifying Molar Endodontics” at IMU’s campus in Bukit Jalil for the past five years. This course includes lectures, case-based discussions, and hands-on training on a systematic approach in making clinical diagnosis and implementing the evidence-based treatment protocol in the endodontic management of molar teeth with minimal to moderate difficulty.

This couse is delivered in two parts:
First Part Includes three days of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on workshops on extracted teeth highlighting the benefits of illumination/magnification using operating microscopes, ultrasonics, advanced rotary files in canal preparation, newer irrigation devices, thermoplasticised obturation techniques/systems for three dimensional root canal filling, latest bulkfil materials to achieve predictable coronal seal, restoration of broken down teeth using post and core and perforation repair.
Second Part Includes four mentoring sessions, case-based learning, reflection, and discussion.

Over the years, this course has attracted participants working as dentists in private/government clinics, and dental practitioners from overseas like Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia. In the year 2022, we had a full house including participants from all over Malaysia and Singapore.

This Demystifying course has always received a very satisfactory feedback from the participants about the facilitators, IMU infrastructure and support staff. A/Prof Abhishek Parolia (shown in the photo above) is the Chairperson of this course and he has been running this course for past five years with his team members which includes Dr Preena Sidhu and Prof Seow Liang Lin.

Comments by the Participants:
Excellent speaker and facilities provided eg a microscope for each participant. Really enjoyed the speaker’s practical tips and tricks to manage daily endodontic cases as well as more challenging ones.
Comprehensive and thorough workshop by Dr Abhishek and team.
This endodontics course is good. Speakers are excellent. Definitely learning a lot of tricks and tips about endodontics during this workshop. Always be patient and gentle when doing endodontics, Dr Abhishek always told us. Thanks Dr Abhishek and the team for this amazing workshop.
Very useful and informative course that I cannot wait to implement in my clinical practice.
Very good and informative.

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