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IMU Frisbee Club organised Inter-Universities Beginners’ Hat 2014

18 Jul 2014

28 June 2014 – A total of 80 students from various universities in Malaysia participated in the IMU Inter-Universities Beginners’ Hat 2014, organised by the IMU Frisbee Club. The event was held at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus’ Sport Complex in Semenyih. 10 of the students who registered for the event were students from IMU. This Ultimate Frisbee (commonly known as frisbee in Malaysia) tournament format is a hat. In this tournament, participants register as individuals and are then sorted into new teams, regardless of which team they usually play for. They normally do not know their teammates beforehand until the tournament day itself. Through this, players get to make new friends and learn new play style from others. They normally would not have  any problems blending in as players are all very friendly, competing in a sport which emphasises sportsmanship. A beginners’ hat involves players who are rather new to this, having less than 2 years of competitive playing experience. Frisbee 3 (640x425) In the IMU Inter-Universities Beginners’ Hat 2014, the 80 players were divided into four teams. Each team played 3 matches before proceeding to the semi-finals and finals. During the interval before the next game, players from the teams huddled and played some games,  enhancing their friendship and uplifting their spirit. Despite being fairly new to the game, the players managed to play really well under the guidance of each team captain. Each and every one of them went all out for each point, fighting hard for victory, while still keeping to the spirit of the game. Frisbee 2 (640x425) After a long day, the Red team emerged as Champion of the IMU Inter-Universities Beginners’ Hat 2014. 2 MVPs (Most ‘Valuable’ Players), one male and one female, were chosen. For this MPV award, each team captain will nominate one male and female player after each game, based on their outstanding perfomances throughout the game. The committee will then choose the most nominated players and award the title of MVP to these players. Another winner of the day was the Blue team, which was the Spirit Award winner. The Spirit Award is given to the team that showed great spirit during the game and outside the field. Usually teams that have great spirit will always encourage their own teammates and would not blame each other for any mistakes or for losing. For this award, teams are rated with spirit points by their opposition after the match. Participating in this event was indeed a fruitful experience for all participants. Most importantly they get to have a better understanding about Ultimate Frisbee .  

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