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A Unique Pharmacy Practice Postgraduate Programme in Malaysia with Clinical Research as a Specialisation

20 Jul 2019

If you are interested in a career in contract research, regulatory affairs or clinical data management, the Clinical Research specialisation of Master in Pharmacy Practice will provide the foundation you need to understand the work that is conducted in the field of clinical research. The Clinical Research track of the Master in Pharmacy Practice programme at International Medical University (IMU) can help prepare you for this by providing an in-depth understanding of the rationale, strategies and processes involved in clinical research, and develop your research skills. Key modules include Clinical Research and Good Clinical Practice, Regulatory Affairs in Clinical Research, and Clinical Trial and Clinical Data Management, including regulatory considerations of investigational new drug application. The modules have been developed by experienced clinical research professionals from IMU working with our partner Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM), established by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia in 2012.  Additionally, this programme encourages the students, who have pharmacy degree to have specific training, such as Good Clinical Practice certification to help them be ahead in the job market. Because of their unique skills derived from product, patient care and regulatory knowledge, pharmacists hold valuable, key roles in organisations that develop and investigate therapeutic products for efficacy and safety. Increasingly these products are biologics. The right training can develop competence in managing the clinical and other valuable data generated in clinical trials. Your training will familiarise you with key regulatory requirements, such as those of the FDA, and enable your organisation to successfully navigate these requirements. The attachments in Semesters 1 and 2 provide you with the opportunity to get practical experience in clinical trial management process, and you will be able to understand the roles and responsibilities of clinical research professionals. Assessment is based on written assignments, reports from attachment and a Semester 3 research project. Prof Chu Wan Loy, Dean of the School of Postgraduate Studies, IMU, opined that the specialisation in the Clinical Research track will broaden the career prospects of graduates from the Master in Pharmacy Practice programme.  “Professional development is key to staying competitive in the growing and evolving research landscape. The field of clinical research is rapidly expanding and offers a wide range of employment choices in a variety of locations. The growing number of pharmaceutical industries and their involvement in developing new drugs led to an increase in the number of clinical trials and clinical research in the healthcare industry.” Prof Chu added that, “With plenty of job opportunities in the clinical research field today and for the coming future, there is a huge demand for a workforce.  Pharmacists are well suited for jobs in the field of Clinical Research with their skill sets and the ability to adapt to the demand from workplace.”

About Master in Pharmacy Practice
The IMU Master in Pharmacy Practice Programme offers opportunities for both fresh pharmacy graduates and working pharmacy professionals to extend their knowledge, skills and abilities in Clinical Research. The Programme also offers other specialisations such as Clinical Pharmacy, Social and Administrative Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management. The Programme is run over three semesters. Taught modules are undertaken in the first two, and the third is entirely devoted to research funded by the University. Most classes are scheduled on weekends to accommodate your employment commitments. Classes are facilitated by industry experts and academics using formats that suit the expected learning. These include interactive lectures, small group case studies, online screen casts, videos and podcasts, recommended reading and workplace learning. You may also choose part-time study.

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