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Ipoh Boy Had His Dream Come True through IMU’s Foundation in Science

23 Mar 2020

Shivadeva Selvamani, is a young, enthusiastic high achiever from Ipoh. He had an eye on the Foundation in Science programme ever since high school. Considering the fact that he was firm with his stance of pursuing a career in the medical field since childhood and following the footsteps of his dad who is a medical doctor and brother who is also in IMU, joining the Foundation in Science (FiS) programme in IMU was an easy decision to make. According to Shivadeva, being a university solely focusing on healthcare degrees, IMU’s campus provided a ‘medical’ atmosphere even to the foundation students. Furthermore, the biggest plus point was the Look, See, Feel sessions which gives students like him the opportunity to experience the IMU degree programmes for themselves. Shivadeva elaborated on this. “The journey in FiS have made my student life more fulfilling, revolving around knowledgeable lecturers, friendly administrative staffs and of course, the amazing and wonderful friends that he made. The very detailed and medical-integrated syllabus is another added advantage for those who love to immerse themselves in extra facts. I can confidently say that my Semester 1-3 has been smooth sailing due to the extra guidance each and every lecturer have offered.” IMU CARES Besides that, IMU has established the IMU Cares Project which open doors for student volunteers who have a common purpose of making meaningful contributions to the community. Shiva himself joined 5 different projects throughout his Foundation in Science. These experiences have helped him a lot as a student and as an individual in gaining invaluable life lessons which would be helpful in the future. “Back in FiS, I wanted to turn the focus of my extracurricular activities more towards volunteering as most of my high school activities revolved around event management and sports. As a result, I contributed to 5 different community service projects, which involves teaching English to orphans, teaching chemistry to refugees, accompanying the blind in their day-to-day tasks, carrying out medical check-ups for homeless patients and dressing wounds of those who are injured. I firmly believe that my volunteering experience was the tipping point which reaffirmed my stance in pursuing Medicine. Currently in Semester 2 of my medical programme at the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil, I am a committee member of the “World Health Fest” event that will take place in March 2020. Moreover, I am looking forward to leading the “Educator Appreciation Week” in IMU later this year (2020),” said Shivadeva.

Through much dedication and perseverance, Shivadeva bagged the full scholarship for both his FiS studies and MBBS degree in IMU. These financial aids have definitely paved him the pathway to take his first step in achieving his dreams and in the same time to reduce his father’s financial worries. IMU Schiolar, Shivadeva Selvamani shares his experience from Foundation in Science to his medical degree. He said, “Among all the memories here in IMU, the most memorable one for me would be when I was informed that I had successfully received the IMU MBBS Scholarship. This was one of the news that made my father ‘sweat through his eyes’ he proclaimed. He is one  not to show much emotions but to see him tear in joy was one of the happiest moment for me and the proudest moment for him. I thank IMU for trusting me with this opportunity to not only improve myself as an individual but also place faith in me to maintain and uplift their image, as a scholar.” “Without a doubt, I can confidently say that IMU’s FiS programme helped shape me into an all-rounder, the most prominent trait in achieving any scholarship. I say this because apart from the medical-suited syllabus that the programme offer, FiS also provide their student with tonnes of opportunity to dive into community services, to allow students to understand the incredible value of being in service to others in need. Therefore, these activities allow you to not only be active in the classroom, but also outside there, leaving a mark in society. Besides that, I strongly believe that the careful and top-notch guidance and teaching of the FiS lecturers had built up a strong foundation for me, being a medical student now. If you have any questions at all, they’ll be there on standby to clear each and every one of your doubt. To summarise it, FiS in IMU had carefully prepared me to slowly grow into a potential candidate for a scholarship”, added Shivadeva. He continued to share on this experience at IMU. “It is only during the latter part of my first semester in FiS, when I start adjusting myself with the schedules. I started creating to-do lists on a weekly routine to ensure that I do not miss out on anything and at the same time assuring a study-life balance. Setting studies as my priority, I too give extra time to volunteer and spend time with my group of friends. Once this type of lifestyle settled in, I started being more productive in the middle of my semester 2 and changed the way I study. I started doing notes for my upcoming lectures close to a week early and making extra notes during the time of lectures. The key is to start early and not leave things for the very last minute. Up until now, in my degree life, I am practising the same technique and can therefore say that due to this, I am actually having the time of my life. A lot of your peers will tell you that you will one day drain out, but this is where your determination and willpower kick in to fire you up even more.” Shivadeva concluded by saying “If the future allows me to, I aspire to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. Therefore, one of the most memorable moments that resonates to that dream would be attending the surgical workshop organised by the Intravarsity Club of IMU. The workshop gave me a glimpse on the different types of stitching which could be used during surgeries and what more was that I was able to practise it myself with the suturing tools provided, not on a human body but on a chicken skin”

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