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Juggling Careers in Chiropractic and Dodgeball

17 Mar 2023

Piong Shun Zhe was born and raised in Malaysia. He moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career as a chiropractor under NYMG (EC Healthcare), which has gifted him the opportunity to work hard and play hard. With his athletic ability and a love of Dodgeball, sport has been his driving force to excel as a chiropractor. His clinical knowledge and skills as a chiropractor have allowed him to seamlessly understand how the body works and how all joints and muscles function as a unit which improves his performance overall. Article is in Mandarin.


Read more as this IMU alumnus shares about the opportunities he had with Dodgeball and a chiropractic profession at Juggling Careers in Chiropractic and Dodgeball (See Hua Daily News, 11 Mar 2023).

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