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Malaysian Psychology Student Excels at University of Strathclyde

10 Jul 2013

5 July 2013 – Malaysian psychology student, Chung Kai Li, graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology at a graduation ceremony at University of Strathclyde, Times Higher Education UK University of the Year 2012/2013. Kai Li joined the International Medical University (IMU) in July 2009 and studied the first two years of her psychology degree at the University. She then transferred to University of Strathclyde in September 2011 to complete her degree in psychology, the first student to enter this pathway. Kai Li’s final year dissertation also received the highest mark in her year and is currently being submitted to Manchester Metropolitan University’s Psychology Journal (Dissertations), an online journal which publishes final year dissertations that were awarded a mark of 70% or above. “I was jumping around for joy when I got the results! I suppose that achieving a first class is the ultimate goal of every undergraduate and I have never felt happier after knowing that all my hard work has paid off. As for the dissertation on “People who say they know it all: The influence of interviewers’ authority on the suggestibility of over-claimers”, I really liked the topic and enjoyed conducting the research. One of my interests is on the dark triad of personality, one component of which is narcissism. I believe that narcissist are more inclined to have a “kiss up, kick down” behaviour pattern, so it is likely that they are more susceptible to suggestions when being interviewed by authority figures. The studies itself was a pleasure to undertake and the fact that I had achieved those things came additionally as a pleasant surprise,” said Kai Li. Kai Li added, “The submission of the dissertation to Manchester Metropolitan University’s Psychology Journal (Dissertations) was encouraged by my supervisor, Dr Jim Baxter and the lecturers at University of Strathclyde. It is an honour to me as it is a form of recognition of my hard work and feedback on the quality of my research.” Kai Li believes that the first two years in IMU had provided her with a very solid foundation so that by the time she arrived in Strathclyde, she was equipped with the essential basic skills needed, and was able to cope with her studies more effectively. She was also happy that she had the advantage of experiencing different styles of teaching, making her learning process more holistic. Her most memorable moments in IMU is a role play assessment where students were asked to portray those with personality disorders. To her, this was a great combination of learning and having fun. Christmas “I have always wanted to experience studying abroad. Strathclyde is also one of the leading universities in the UK, and I have heard people talking about how beautiful and scenic Scotland is. It has been an amazing journey in Strathclyde. There was an induction before classes commenced and the university staff have all been helpful during the transition.  I made many friends, I found new interests, I travelled to many places around the Europe, and most importantly, I am more independent and street-smart now after having lived abroad for two years. It really was an eye-opening experience. I have to admit that it can be quite lonely at times, especially when I am far away from my friends and family. Learning to cope with that has also made me a stronger person.” Health Promotion (9) (1024x592) Kai Li’s advice to students who intends to study psychology would be “Having an open mind is very important if you intend to take up psychology. Study hard, play hard. A happy mind is a healthy mind!”  

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