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IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Model Industry Concept – Exploring New Career Horizons

18 Feb 2021

In an effort to better meet the training needs of a new generation of healthcare professionals, simulation-based education is growing and evolving rapidly. Often, Schools of Pharmacy’s access to authentic pharmaceutical industry training is limited. Simulation thus offers junior students’ preliminary insights into pharmaceutical production processes and challenges as well as helps to prepare them to undertake workplace learning in their later semesters. At IMU, the Model Industry Concept (MIC) was introduced in 2008 for just this purpose. This MIC simulation also adds value to learning by enabling students to undertake collaborative learning with a high degree of autonomy, to develop and demonstrate leadership and team-working traits such as assertiveness, effective communications, responsibility, accountability, mutual trust and respect. Since its inception, the MIC has continued to evolve, and includes students from the BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In 2020-21, the students found the industrial talk series to be inspiring and insightful. The alumni from the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry programmes also had the opportunity to broaden their view on how industrial pharmacists utilise and apply their skills and knowledge in a different area of the pharmaceutical industry. They have also gained new insights into the procedure on how to promote, distribute, and penetrate a new product into the market. Additionally, MIC also has given the opportunity to students with young research minds to share their innovative ideas. MIC provides the platform for students where they are shown how to change a scientific idea from concept to design, development and market it. These innovative formulation ideas will ease the life of patients who are experiencing a tough time due to lack of pharmaceutical products.

As a student, I felt Model Industry Concept (MIC) guest speaker session and project allow us to be exposed to the industry before we graduate both learning from the guest speaker and experiencing by running the project in a team. It provides a unique platform preceding exposure in terms of pharmaceutical production and marketing strategies to prepare us for the pharmaceutical industrial placement in the future semesters.

I am grateful towards the preparations by the faculties and the contribution from the guest speakers as throughout this process, I gained great motivation and knowledge. Chiah Ruey Chee (PC119)

Model Industry Concept (MIC) guest speaker session is indeed a unique experience. This project supports the students to think beyond the box and shows the bridges to link current pharmaceutical technology with creativity. In fact, this learning venture inevitably shows that chemistry holds hidden gems and infinite possibilities. It was my blessing to work in this event along with my lecturers and friends. All in all, I gained experience, happiness, and enthusiasm to thrive in this field. Gichia Kere Muiruri (PC119)

Feedback by Alumni who were Guest Speakers 

MIC has been an interesting and enlightening programme during my studies. I was able to see real-life application of theories and knowledge that I have learnt through our conventional classroom settings and this further inspired me to pursue an exciting and challenging career in pharmaceutical Industry. Many of the guest speakers during MIC talks have been generous in sharing their rich experience in their respective fields and by interacting with the experts, I was able to narrow down on a particular job environment that suits my skills, knowledge, and character.

My sincere thanks to the lecturers who have worked hard organizing the MIC programme, which is  filled with eye-opening talks and practical projects for the students to get a brief taste of the industry. Natasha Stella Tibon (PC216) Analytical Executive, Analytical Department Novugen Pharma (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

“MIC definitely is an eye-opening platform for us to understand better on how different industries function in real life. We were given a chance to know and question industry experts based on their real working experiences. It was truly an amazing exploration for me as MIC covered most of the aspects and multi-faceted career opportunities. I was able to discover my real interest with better future insight through the event itself. Heartiest thank you to all IMU lecturers and industry experts for putting the efforts in helping and guiding the students.” Eddy Yii Chung Ann (PC215) Formulation and API Analytical Executive,  Oncogen Pharma (Malaysia) Sdn  Bhd

Model Industry Concept for IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry students provides simulation which offers students’ preliminary insights into pharmaceutical production processes and challenges as well as helps to prepare them to undertake workplace learning.

Model Industry Concept for IMU Phar

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