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Master Degree Leads Pharmacists to Exciting Career Path in Pharmacy Practice

14 Jul 2017

The professional roles of pharmacists are continuously evolving and this has resulted in many pharmacists seeking to further their studies in a postgraduate degree. They would seek a programme that can better equip them with the fundamental knowledge and skills to enhance their career opportunities as clinical or consultant pharmacists. For those interested in pharmacy practice, a Master of Pharmacy Practice from IMU may be their choice. With its launch in January 2017, this Master programme brings together working pharmacists from a variety of professional areas. It provides an opportunity for professionals to extend their academic experience to related fields of specialization: Clinical Pharmacy or Social and Administrative Pharmacy or Pharmacy Management. Lim Xinyu, a student in our inaugural intake is attracted by the programme designed for working adults with a mixture of business and pharmacy in its curriculum, Xinyu decided to pursue the Master of Pharmacy Practice (Pharmacy Management) at IMU after gaining three and a half years working experience in hospitals and pharmaceutical industries. By studying this programme, she would be able to gain better insight into the pharmaceutical industry and improve herself as she strongly believe in lifelong learning, the concept she learned from IMU as an undergraduate student.

I started my career as hospital pharmacist then changed my pathway in to the pharmaceutical industry. After being in the profession for almost 4 years, I decided to do my Master’s to aim for a higher position in pharmaceutical company.

Preethi Raghavan, a Clinical Pharmacist, bringing her seven years of working experience in government hospitals to study a postgraduate degree at IMU. While continuing her job she chose to study MPP in part time mode. This option gives her the flexibility to be a full-time mother and achieve her dreams by furthering her studies to enhance her clinical knowledge and research skills. With this knowledge, she is aiming to develop a sub-specialisation in the pharmacy profession focusing in infectious disease/retroviral disease. She also wants to be an educator and policy maker in setting guidelines for better pharmaceutical care. Her ultimate aim is to uplift the stature of pharmacist in the health care system.

I have been working as a pharmacist in various capacities in Outpatient department, emergency Department and medication Therapy Adherence Clinic. I feel great to be a student again after 7 years and thoroughly enjoying the advantage of blended learning and part time option in MPP programme. As for my learning experience , I am delighted that IMU has able to provide a platform for working individuals to study masters part time with online and weekend lectures. Fully equipped with resources for my studies and very approachable lecturers.

Tong Yee Sheun, An IMU alumni, working as a pharmacist for the past few years in a klinik kesihatan (community clinic), wanted to widen her options as a pharmacist in the challenging job market. She is very much willing to contribute further to the country’s healthcare system to ensure the quality and value of care. With this in mind, she joined the inaugural intake of the Master of Pharmacy Practice.

As an IMU alumni, it is a great option to pursue my Masters in IMU. I came to IMU to rediscover the splendour and to reflect on fond memories of my undergraduate years. In today’s competitive world, it is increasingly important to stand out and I felt a postgraduate qualification can be a way of increasing my skills and knowledge in Pharmacy Practice. 

The Master programme is offered in a blended mode, which means that the working pharmacists can undertake much of the studies online, with some weekend on-campus sessions to attend face to face teaching and learning sessions. As most of the face-to-face sessions will be on Saturdays, they are enjoying the learning and working together.  The opportunity to continue their practise whilst undertaking postgraduate education with the potential to significantly build their career is a great advantage for any professional who want to achieve more in their career.

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