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Second Preceptorship and Practical Attachment Workshop for IMU Preceptors

27 Jan 2016

19 October 2015 marked a very important date for IMU’s industrial partners as the Preceptorship and Practical Attachment Workshop was conducted for the second time in IMU. With the mandate given to the Partnership with Industry Working Committee (PWIWC), representatives from all programmes in the School of Health Sciences and School of Pharmacy worked collaboratively in ensuring the organisation of a successful workshop. The workshop was organised for free for all IMU preceptors from various industrial sectors. The main aim of the workshop was to enhance the preceptors’ competency and self-efficacy in training IMU students. The programme started with the opening remarks by Prof Ong Kok Hai, the Director for External Affairs. IMU_2269 Forty-eight participants turned up for the workshop. They were in various specialties such as Dietetics with Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy and Biomedical Science. IMU_2291 Interesting and stimulating topics were lined up for the trainers. The highlight of the workshop was the talk on ‘Understanding the Millennials and How to Facilitate their Learning’ conducted by Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah, the Dean for Teaching and Learning, IMU. The preceptors seemed very much engaged during this session. Other exciting activities during the workshop included a case-based discussion on how to facilitate students’ learning better, a campus tour of IMU’s healthcare clinics and facilities and an online survey done by the preceptors to gauge their perception of preceptorship.

Generally, the preceptors appreciated the effort IMU has shown in supporting their roles as preceptors. A survey revealed that 85% to 90% of the preceptors felt that teaching, facilitating and assessing students are important skills for preceptors to attain.

Everyone present that day enjoyed the discussion and sharing session very much. This workshop is IMU’s contribution to the professional development for staff in industry who have close collaboration with IMU.

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