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Memorable Psychology Day at IMU

01 Nov 2023

On 25 July, 2023, the IMU Psychology Department, in collaboration with the Psychology Club, hosted the annual Psychology Day at the IMU Bukit Jalil campus, taking place in its Atrium and Auditorium. The objective of this event was to showcase the benefits of psychology to all student and staff, featuring a wide range of activities and events that spanned the entire day.


In preparation for this event, the Psychology Club members displayed remarkable proficiency in their assigned responsibilities, reinforcing our anticipation of another successful Psychology Day. With the valuable support from the Psychology Department, particularly our club advisor, Dr Shamala A/P Ramasamy, our confidence in steering this event in the right direction was significantly boosted.


The finalised activities comprised booths showcasing a variety of psychology tools, including mirror tracing, Hanoi tower, biofeedback, and others. Each of these booths was managed by student volunteers who had been briefed beforehand by Dr Joshua Ng Joo Hou to guarantee a seamless execution on the actual day.


One of the most interesting aspects of the booths was the mirror tracing station, complete with a leaderboard showcasing the top-performing five students in terms of the speed with which they completed the task. The competitive spirit among IMU students led to frequent changes on the leaderboard as they vied for the coveted top position throughout the day. Lee Ju Ee, one of the students, managed to secure the top spot with an impressive time of 10.2 seconds, eliciting joyous cheers of celebration. Nonetheless, it was heartening to witness non-Psychology students enthusiastically taking part in the activities, which left the volunteers and members of the Psychology Club gratified for the hard work they had put in over the preceding months.

3-minute Pitch Competition

Additionally, a 3-minute pitch competition was held at the Auditorium to showcase the participants’ ability to pitch a thesis proposal. The audience during the competition was exceptional, filled with IMU students from various programmes. As part of the audience myself, it was a pleasure to watch the participants display their capabilities and confidence in front of a public crowd, assuring us that their potential to participate in similar competitions would be just as good, if not better.


One of the participants, Farah Nabila Lubis, emerged as the winner with her exceptional presentation on the Quantitative Analysis of Creative Self-Efficacy Among University Students in Malaysia. All the presentations were carefully evaluated by three qualified judges from the Psychology Department. Regardless, every participant did a remarkable job in presenting their respective thesis proposals, and their hard work was clearly reflected in their presentations. The winner, along with the second and third-place achievers, received their prizes during a ceremony held in the Atrium at the day’s conclusion, where they proudly posed for photographs alongside the other participants and the panel of judges.

Highlight of the Day

The highlight of the day was the launch of the University’s own Psychology & Counselling Learning Centre (PCLC). All respected lecturers and staff from the Psychology Department were invited to witness the ceremony, with Prof Abdul Aziz Baba, Vice-Chancellor & CEO, IMU Education and Prof Dr Ian Martin Symonds, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, officiating.

The ceremony was followed by a short tour inside the PCLC itself, introducing the lecturers and staff to the new facility that the university can take pride in. The facility serves as a safe space for students to express themselves, as well as for trainee counsellors to gain experience before entering the working industry. Without a doubt, the PCLC serves a great purpose and is a valuable addition to IMU.

To sum it all up, the annual event reached its successful conclusion at approximately 5 pm. Before officially wrapping up the long-anticipated occasion, additional photos were captured, evoking a poignant atmosphere, especially among Psychology Club members. The event’s success owed itself to the diligent efforts of the organising team, and heartfelt thanks and appreciation were exchanged among them as the day drew to a close. Overall, it was a splendid event that provided invaluable experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Written by Nor Amirah Syazreen Binti Norhaidi

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