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Midwifery Conference 2015: A Conference Organised by IMC

27 Apr 2015

9-10 April 2015 – More than 100 participants from 35 healthcare organisations attended the Midwifery Conference organised by the International Medical College (IMC) at Summit Hotel, Subang Jaya. The two-day conference highlighted “Managing Clinical Risks and Ethical Dilemmas in Obstetrics” and has participants who are working as obstetric healthcare professionals and practitioners, risk managers, quality managers, nurse managers and administrators and students. MIDWIFERY CONFERENCE 9-10 APRIL 2015 (43)MIDWIFERY CONFERENCE 9-10 APRIL 2015 (70) Dr J Ravichandran, Dr Soon Ruey, Prof Dato Dr Ravindran Jegasothy, Dr T P Baskaran, Prof Dato’ Dr Sivalingam Nalliah and A/Prof Dr Nazimah Idris were among the distinguished speakers at this conference who were from both public and private sectors. The conference had plenaries on key areas which includes Standards of Care: What is the Benchmark?, Managing Clinical Risks, Informed Consent: Is it Really Informed? and Managing Cases with Adverse Outcomes. There was also a Forum Discussion at the conference on Drawing Limits – The Line Between Meeting Patient’s Requests and Conscientious Objections. MIDWIFERY CONFERENCE 9-10 APRIL 2015 (97)MIDWIFERY CONFERENCE 9-10 APRIL 2015 (102)MIDWIFERY CONFERENCE 9-10 APRIL 2015 (112) This Conference provided obstetric healthcare providers with risk control recommendations to decrease the risk of liability actions. It critically appraised the importance of maintenance of high standards in daily practice with continuous training and clear communication.

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