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My Journey to Becoming a Chiropractor

25 Jan 2018

Have you ever wondered – “Why am I doing this now?” and “It’s not relevant” and months or years later you realise that you’re wrong, then thanking those who have helped you before?

That is what happened to me, Leon Yeap En Leon, a third year Chiropractic student who studied the initial years of my degree at IMU and is currently pursuing my studies at RMIT Australia. He also had the privilege to undergo the interesting journey of the IMU Foundation in Science (FIS) programme back in 2014 when it was first introduced. Leon relates his journey here. Just after the 2013 SPM examinations, my parents and I were deciding on a major life-decision, whether to go through the conventional pre-university programme of A-Levels or AUSMAT to then further my tertiary education overseas. Earlier on, I had also attended an Exploratory Workshop by IMU for high school students and they were introducing the new Foundation in Science programme which was to commence in early 2014. It dawned on me – why not develop university-learning skills whilst studying a pre-university course, also familiarising myself with the local Chiropractic industry during the first two years of my degree before continuing with my education overseas.

Spoiler alert, I took on the Foundation in Science course and was in the pioneer batch of FIS students. To top that, together with my friend Yap Junyan from the same FIS batch, we became the first students to transfer overseas from an IMU pre-university programme and degree. We’re indeed honoured.

The Foundation in Science programme has really prepped me well to take on different sets of challenges not just academically, but also physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wouldn’t say it’s a bed of roses, more like a journey to professionalism and adulthood. The major thing that I have learned from FIS is perseverance. Although it’s a pre-University programme, it felt very much like university. I was taught to dress well, behave professionally, and be punctual – three of the core elements to be a responsible and respectable health professional. I wasn’t spoon fed with information as how individuals from other pre-university courses were nor did I only study when final examinations were near.

 The programme is designed for us to inculcate continuous learning and development not just for exams, but for life. At some points of the programme it was hectic and demanding for me, I even questioned the system, obviously it was just too much for a guy fresh out of high school, or maybe it is just personal. Despite my challenges, I managed to pull through all of it, thinking about my ultimate goal to be a successful healthcare professional – that is what kept me running. Over time I learned to appreciate the programme even more and enjoy every moment of it, keeping my goal in mind I have to persevere through everything.

Fast forward to the moment I started the degree in IMU, I was very well adapted to the university system and lifestyle. I would say that I have gained a “head start” or an edge against my peers while studying Chiropractic in IMU, I was just cruising through till I received my acceptance letter to further my studies in Australia, I was over the moon. Thinking back, I couldn’t have gone through the “degree life” easily without the skills that I have gained from FIS. It is truly a remarkable experience for me. I am also very thankful for those who have helped and guide me through the programme. Ms Sharon was and is still is the FIS programme coordinator and I know that she has a strong dedication to make this programme a successful one together with the other lecturers. I believed and listened to their encouragements as well as advice at that time and I will say that I made it through together with them and that I have enjoyed it all.

There’s a reason for anything that happens to us, it may not have relevance now but who knows it will have an impact on us in the future? It sure did for me, and it was all worth it.

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