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Learning More on Being a Fitness Professional

28 Jul 2015

DSC_7630 22 May 2015 – 50 International Medical University (IMU) staff and students attended a talk entitled “Be a HYBRID Fitness Professional” at the University’s main campus in Bukit Jalil. The talk was given by Jerrican Tan, the Managing Director of Fitness Innovations Malaysia, and also an advisor for Men’s Health Magazine Malaysia. DSC_7628 The talk started with the speaker getting the audience to go through some exercises. He then talked about the roles of personal trainers and how qualified trainers are in demand in the fitness industry. He also explained the advantages for a healthcare professional to be trained to be a personal trainer as they would be able to leverage on their expertise in both fields to help their clients achieve their health and fitness goals. The talk also featured two of IMU’s alumni who are currently personal trainers. One of them is Yeoh Ee Ling, a graduate of our BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics programme. She shared with the audience her experience in managing clients’ nutrition and personal training needs. Sean Lee Seng Hon, an IMU Chiropractic graduate, , also shared his experience via a pre-recorded video on life as a personal trainer where he also gets to utilise his training in Chiropractic on a daily basis. DSC_7635DSC_7604 The talk concluded with a question and answer session to answer the attendees’ inquiries in order to give them the opportunity to better understand the topics that were discussed as well as to elaborate on the growing opportunities that were available in the field. DSC_7648

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