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Navigating the Nursing Path

22 May 2023

My passion for nursing stems from my family background of nurses in three generations which drove my passion to serve mankind through healthcare. I chose to pursue this noble profession due to my innate passion to care for others and the profound sense of fulfillment and happiness it gives me through helping patients feel better and improving their quality of life.


Mother Teresa is one of my inspirations, her philosophy of finding joy in serving others inspires me to view nursing as a vocation rather than just a job. By seeing the role of nursing as an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others, I can find joy and fulfillment in my work. Overall, by following in the example of Mother Teresa, I can become a compassionate and dedicated nurse who truly makes a difference.


Apart from that, witnessing the selfless dedication of Malaysian nurses during the pandemic has also been particularly inspiring. Despite the personal sacrifices of being away from their families and sacrificing their sleep and personal time, these nurses remained steadfast in their commitment to providing care. Such efforts serve as a reminder to me of the noble purpose of nursing and inspire me to strive for excellence in providing care to others.

My Clinical Training
Clinical training was an intriguing and eye-opening experience for me, as it provided hands-on exposure and allowed me to immerse myself in the role of a nurse. During my clinical training, every day is an opportunity to learn something new and gain valuable knowledge through incidental learning and experiences. I also had meaningful interactions with patients that resonated deeply with me.


One such interaction that I’d like to share is one that I had with a patient under palliative care, he expressed his gratitude and mentioned “I will remember you Aish, even when I am put into my grave for the care shown by you and other nurses”. His words left a lasting impact and motivated me to make a positive difference in the lives of patients under my care.

As a student nurse, I’ve learnt to consistently empathise with patients to ascertain how to enhance their comfort levels, I make it a point to devote a few moments from my day to establish a rapport with patients under my care. Being away from home and experiencing physical limitations can be emotionally challenging for a patient and therefore it is essential to provide assurance that the best possible care is given. In my experience, engaging patients in small conversations significantly enhances their overall well-being, and instills a sense of confidence and trust in the care provided.


Another incident that I would like to share was when I once had to care for a hemiplegic patient who was new and unfamiliar with immobility. Through attentive observation of her non-verbal cues, I deduced that she was in an uncomfortable state. I then approached her and she expressed her desire to have a shower in the bathroom as she did not feel refreshed after a bed bath. In response, I wheeled her to the bathroom and facilitated a refreshing shower with the assistance of a staff nurse. The patient was instantly in high spirits and immensely appreciative. This encounter reinforced my belief that compassionate care has a significant impact on the well-being of patients.

Challenges as a Student Nurse and How I Overcome Them
One of the most significant challenges I have faced as a nursing student is striking a balance between the demanding academic workload and the fast-paced clinical environment. Balancing exam preparation, paper writing, and assignment completion while simultaneously acquiring and applying new knowledge and procedural skills during clinical can be rather daunting.


Moreover, as a nursing student, there is a lot of pressure to perform well, as the stakes are high and there are no room for mistakes, as it can lead to serious and detrimental consequences towards patients and their well-being. These factors at times can be rather stressful and take a toll on my mental health.


However, with the endless support and guidance from the lecturers and through building strong coping skills in managing stress and demands of the profession, I am now able to prioritise my well-being while navigating through the demands from studies and clinical training.

I am planning to pursue advanced practice nursing as it is an exciting opportunity to broaden my expertise, carry out research, exercise autonomy, and make independent clinical decisions in various healthcare settings.

My Ultimate Career Goal
 To specialise as an orthopedic nurse practitioner. As an orthopedic nurse practitioner, I would have the honor of not only providing high-quality and patient-centered care but also playing a pivotal role in the advancement of this constantly evolving and dynamic field through the application of new technologies and treatments.
My Advice for Those Considering Nursing as a Career
Take the leap and explore the diverse range of opportunities that it offers. There is more to nursing than what meets the eye and with so many different specialisations, you will definitely find one that suits your interests and passions. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and remember that nursing is a noble and fulfilling profession that touches the lives of others and is always a career in demand worldwide.

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare, constantly providing holistic care and contributions in the advancing healthcare through evidence-based practice. By investing in their education, professional development, and nursing research, we can promote innovation, enhance patient care, and create a stronger, more resilient healthcare system. Nurses are the future and investing in them is an investing in our collective well-being and the future of healthcare.


Written by Aishvarrya Lakshmi A/P Arut Chelvan (NU121), a Nursing student at IMU

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