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Sharing of Multifaceted Contributions and Interdependent Roles in the Healthcare Field

23 May 2023

Every year, the Scholars Committee of the International Medical University (IMU) organises the Inter-Professional Forum (IPF), aiming to create a platform for individuals with diverse backgrounds to collaborate and explore the roles and significance of various healthcare sectors.


The 2022 IPF took place on 15 November, 2022, under the theme “Synergies for Solidarity.” This theme emphasizes that by working together across different fields, we can establish a global network of unity and compassion during emergencies, while collectively envisioning a post-pandemic future. Each programme at IMU was represented by one individual who shared their insights using a provided case study, offering unique perspectives.

Through the case study presented, I found myself recalling back the things that I had learnt all the way from Year One up until now. As the pharmaceutical chemistry student representative, I was asked to share my knowledge about the quantification and qualification analysis, manufacturing, and quality control processes as well as the storage and sterilisation on parenteral and tablets specifically.


Besides being able to refresh myself on these topics, I was also able to provide the audience a better insight about the possible day-to-day roles of a pharmaceutical chemist as well as their contributions to the healthcare industry.

In addition to my own sharing, the sharing from participants of other programmes such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, dietetics, and nutrition, among others, provided me with valuable insights and deeper understanding into their specific roles, responsibilities, and contributions within the healthcare field. Through this sharing session, it became apparent to me that each sector plays a unique role, and it is through collaborative efforts that significant medical breakthroughs can occur.


As I am not an outspoken person, this was not something I had ever imagined myself doing. If someone had asked me during my first semester, I would never have imagined participating in such an event. However, this forum, which marked my first presentation outside of academia, served as a stepping stone for me to improve my presentation skills and gain confidence in addressing a larger audience. I am truly grateful to Dr Ng, the Programme Director, for giving me this opportunity to represent the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme.


Written by Kimberly Tan Hwee (PC120)

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