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IMU Chinese Medicine Alumnus Wins Scholarship for Masters Degree

29 Nov 2018

I enrolled into IMU Chinese Medicine programme in 2011. I chose to complete my full studies in Chinese Medicine locally at IMU and I was in the second cohort of IMU Chinese Medicine graduates. At IMU, Chinese Medicine is not an easy programme to study – not only do we have to study Chinese Medicine subjects (acupuncture, herbal formula, tuina, etc.) but also Western Medicine subjects (anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, etc.). Chinese Medicine is a relatively new programme with smaller number of students compared with other programmes at IMU, but I think it is an advantage for us. A small class allows us to have closer relationships with our lecturers. Besides that, lecturers are willing to listen to our feedback and make necessary adjustment continuously for the improvement of the course. They are helpful and always there to guide us whenever we need help. All this has resulted in me acquiring a solid foundation and a broad base of knowledge throughout my years of study at IMU despite the hectic timetable and stressful workload.

The most unforgettable experience that I had in IMU was in Year Four – when we were given the chance to treat real patients by ourselves with minimal supervision from lecturer at the Student Clinic. I have to take history from a patient, make a diagnosis and treatment plan, and then treat the patient. I was excited as that was the time when we applied our knowledge acquired in the classroom to real patients. At the same time, I also felt nervous and stressed as it was then that I realised how little I actually know.    This part of the programme has gained me invaluable clinical experience and the confidence in handling patients at the Student Clinic.  After completing my studies at IMU, I chose to embark on a 1-year internship in Beijing through the IMU’s partnership IMU with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). The internship at BUCM was really an amazing and eye opening experience. It made me realise that what I was taught at IMU was just merely a starting point for the study of this medicine. The hands on experience that I had at IMU helped me to adapt to my internship in Beijing without any difficulties. Seeing the practice of Chinese Medicine in Beijing, the sheer volume of patients treated each day and how they integrate with Western Medicine was an astounding experience for me. Having this experience inspires me to keep learning as much as possible throughout my entire career. I was very happy and felt truly blessed when I knew I will be receiving the Chinese government’s scholarship for my Masters degree. With this scholarship, I will continue my postgraduate studies in Chinese Medicine Dermatology at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). The scholarship will be a great help in lightening the relatively high living expenses in Beijing so that I can fully focus on my Master’s studies. Written by: Cheong Weixin (CM112)

A cohort mate of Weixin’s, Lim Goon Month obtained the Shandong province government’s scholarship to study at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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