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Passion to Nutrition Studies

12 Apr 2018

Goh Kee Woon’s desire to gain weight led to his interest in finding out how food and nutrients work in a human body. This interest had eventually led him to become a nutrition student at IMU. Commenting on his time at IMU, Kee Woon said, “I enjoy learning things I never knew about nutrition. However, what I enjoyed the most isn’t the studying part. It is talking to the lecturers. I am glad that the lecturers are kind enough to share things they have experienced in this field and through their sharing, I learned a lot. I am a huge believer of human interaction and so I enjoy talking to people rather than staring at theories.” Learn more about Kee Woon’s experience as an IMU nutrition student at Passion to Nutrition Studies (Star, 12 April 2018).  

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