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Preceptorship Workshop for Healthcare Professionals and Nurses

14 Dec 2017

13 Sept 2017- The Preceptorship Workshop for Healthcare Professionals and Nurses was held at the International Medical University‘s (IMU) campus in Bukit Jalil with the aim of providing healthcare professionals and nurses with essential skills to function effectively as preceptors. This preceptorship workshop was attended by 84 participants from the public and private healthcare sectors. Participants include those who are healthcare professionals, academics, administrators and students. All faculty members of the Nursing Division were actively interacting with the participants throughout the workshop. Three distinguished speakers, A/Prof Er Hui Ming, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, A/Prof Ho Siew Eng, Head of Nursing Division and Prof Shahid Hassan from IMU Centre of Excellence, shared their expert views on various topics relevant to effective preceptorship. Group discussions based on real case scenarios on various aspects of preceptorship was also conducted with active engagement between facilitators and participants. The workshop concluded with presentations by representatives from each group. Overall, it is hoped that the workshop had enhanced participants’ understanding of the essential roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of being a preceptor and preceptee in their respective organisations.

Written by Lim Swee Geok from Nursing Division, IMU

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