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Presenting Findings of a Final Year Project at Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica

15 Jul 2019

18-19 June 2019 – A lecturer from International Medical University (IMU), Dr Kok Yih Yih, who is an enthusiast in the area of environmental toxicology research, presented the findings of a medical biotechnology final year project entitled ‘Toxicity of Copper and Lead in a Tropical and an Antarctic isolate of Chlorella after Short- and Long-Term Exposure’ at the Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica (MISA). This research was funded by both IMU’s internal funds and ‘Antarctic Flagship Programme’, Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change (MESTECC). This project is a joint effort of four medical biotechnology (MB115) students, Rupini Krishna, Wan Nur Sarah Wan Mohd Zaid, Raja Mohamad Shazimin Raja Muhammad and Xie-Thong Lim who have spent endless time in finding the effects of heavy metals in microalgal cells isolated from tropical and Antarctic regions. The final year project has provided them a good training ground in algal biotechnology and toxicity testing methods using biological monitoring agents. MB students share their experience on their final year project

Wan Nur Sarah Wan Mohd Zaid
The project was on toxicity testing using algae which was something new and due to the need of robust results, the precision in conducting the experiment was really important. Through this experience, I understand the value of teamwork and the hardships in carrying out a proper research even at a small scale. In addition, time management was key to ensure we had the results on time.
Xie-Thong Lim
Final year project has taught me time management since we need to always collect the data for our research results on time. Besides that, the research has also taught me to be more self-disciplined and independent as we were collecting different data on different timeline on different days to achieve different results.
Rupini Krishna
With advancements in the concept of using bio-indicators, using algae in toxicity testing for pollution only sets a stepping stone of what more could be done in order to help the environment. In doing so, I’ve not only been exposed to the methods of toxicity testing but rather, the deeper understanding and awareness of creating a better and healthier environment, using readily available natural resources.
Raja Mohamad Shazimin Raja Muhammad
Going into a project which encompasses toxicity testing, I’ve been made aware that such endeavour involves hard work and long hours, but it is worth it in the end – once results are seen, be it in line with our hypothesis or otherwise. This project only scratches the surface of large scale toxicity testing activities and I’m glad I had the opportunity to carry it out even at a smaller scale. It really helped to develop my soft skills in time management, research planning and writing and improved my lab skills.

About Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica (MISA)
Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica (MISA) is a biennial event and serves as a platform for researchers to share findings and experiences in polar research and forge new collaborations. The theme of the 8th MISA this year is ‘Polar Regions in the Global Climate System’ and the seminar was held at University Putra Malaysia from 18-19 June 2019. It was attended by researchers not only from Malaysia, but also Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

About IMU BSc (Hons) Medical Biotechnology
IMU BSc (Hons) Medical Biotechnology is a 3 year programme tailored by a team of experience educators with an educational objective in preparing students for their future endeavours in the field of biotechnology, both nationally and internationally. The curriculum encourages experiential learning where students are able to learn from the industrial experts, renown researchers through workshops, seminars and other hands on sessions. In the past 11 years, the programme has produced more than 120 graduates who are currently working in a vast area of biotechnological related industries both locally and abroad.

Prepared by: Kok Yih Yih, Wan Nur Sarah Wan Mohd Zaid, Xie-Thong Lim, Rupini Krishna, Raja Mohamad Shazimin Raja Muhammad

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