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IMU Students Promote Anti- Smoking to Adolescents in Kuala Pilah

13 Apr 2015

IMU CARES Logo 2013 1 April 2015 – Students from the International Medical University (IMU)’s MSc in Public Health along with Medical students from the University’s Clinical School in Seremban conducted an anti-smoking campaign for adolescents at a semi-urban school in Kuala Pilah, a town about two and a half hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. The adolescents, who are studying in a school with a very quiet and peaceful environment, were full of energy and very receptive to the entire campaign. They were given a questionnaire to test them on their knowledge and awareness of smoking. IMG-20150401-WA0020IMG-20150402-WA0000 The IMU students then performed a role-play to highlight the effects of smoking to them. Girls and boys alike were then questioned on what they learnt from the role-play and received a pamphlet on the effects of smoking on smokers and passive smokers. The adolescents were extremely excited and actively participated in the question and answer session.

IMG-20150401-WA0017 “From the response that we received, I believe that we made an impact in the young minds. The postgraduate students found this activity which is a health promotion activity, a very enlightening experience.” said Meenakshi Thigarajan, a student from the MSc in Public Health programme.

Article is written by postgraduate student, Meenakshi Thigarajan.  

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