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An International Student’s Experience Studying Medicine at IMU, Malaysia

10 Apr 2015

Singaporean Ang Kok Kiong is currently a second year student studying medicine at the International Medical University (IMU) in Malaysia. He will be transferring to one of the University’s Partner Medical Schools in 2016 for completion of his medical degree. P1140810 IMG_2630

Commenting on his time at IMU, Kok Kiong said, “My education in IMU has not only nurtured me as a medical student, but also groomed me holistically as a person. The lectures in the University provide me the fundamental theoretical knowledge while the Clinical Skills Sessions allow me to apply knowledge that I have learnt into real life situations. What I appreciate most about my lessons in the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (CSSC) is the emphasis around patients, how we should learn to consider their point of view and needs.”

IMG_4503 “While being an international student can be challenging, having to adapt to a new environment, I am thankful that the staff in IMU have been very supportive and accommodating along the way – providing a helping hand in various matters such as accommodation and ensuring the general well-being of their students. In addition, I feel that the lecturers in IMU are dedicated in their work and tries their best to ensure that lessons are comprehensible for us, albeit some content being difficult to grasp at first. Indeed in line with the University’s vision to develop students into becoming competent, ethical, caring and inquiring citizens, my education in IMU has been nothing short of rewarding!” added Kok Kiong. P1140813P1030497

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