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Promoting Health through Nutrition: Pursuit of an IMU Nutrition Alumna

02 Jul 2021

From the age of 17, NT114’s alumna, Darsheka Wanithasan knew she wanted to become a nutritionist. Although this career choice has the potential to venture onto different paths, yet, in her mind, she had dreamt of herself as a Consultant Nutritionist or a Nutrition Counsellor. Why did she make such a career choice? Because she enjoyed working with people and inspiring them to see improvements in their health and lifestyle over time. Fast forward to today, Darsheka is a Weight Management Counsellor in Novo Nordisk’s patient support programme*. Through this position, she is now realising the passion that she had envisioned as a Nutritionist. She coaches people with obesity and empowers them with practical approaches towards healthier eating practices.

Recounting her time with IMU, she credits the knowledge and training acquired from the Nutrition programme in shaping her into what she is today. Darsheka is grateful to the IMU curriculum which trains the graduates adequately in the preventiom of non-communicable diseases. This also helps her translate scientific information into practice for the clients. Moreover, the practicum during her undergraduate programme and past work experiences had augmented her soft skills which helped her improvise her counselling skills to address the clients today.

In her present role, she also gets to showcase her skills by working with cross-functional teams at her workplace. This has allowed her to gain a wider perspective of her contribution to obesity management. Besides that, she has also partnered with medical doctors and specialists during workshops and webinars to educate other healthcare professionals on obesity management. Such opportunities have not only expanded Darsheka’s horizon but also provided her a platform to establish herself as a nutritionist, par excellence in times to come.

What Does Her Employer Say?
Darsheka had joined us a year and half back when we had just entered the obesity therapeutic area in Malaysia. She has been a real asset to our team and great support to our healthcare professionals and patients who are struggling with obesity. With her passion for her profession and strong cross-functional collaboration, she has been able to make this programme successful and benefit several patients with her counselling. In fact, she has also helped many of our colleagues at Novo Nordisk Malaysia office to develop a healthy dietary pattern through her customised diet plans!- Dr Shweta Uppal, Director – Clinical, Medical, Regulatory & Quality

So what advice does she have for future graduates?

Like the passion that has guided her to where she is today, her message is simple – Discover yourself. Discover your strengths, what you love to do, what you’re good at and what you dislike. Once you have, you will know what fits you best in the working world.

About Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with a purpose to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity and rare blood and rare endocrine diseases. Novo Nordisk does so by pioneering scientific breakthroughs, expanding access to their medications and working to prevent and ultimately cure the diseases they treat.

*Managed solely by Novo Nordisk’s medical department, their patient support programme is a non-promotional programme intended to help adults manage weight using obesity medication alongside diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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