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Research for the Benefit of All

14 Nov 2022

In addition to hours spent analysing data, researchers also spend a considerable amount of time in the field to learn more about their chosen area, seeking answers to many questions that science has yet to answer. In fact, the most beautiful and unique thing about the world of research is that expertise is valued over competition. This creates a collaborative spirit that paves the way to working with the best minds in their respective fields, said seasoned academic Prof Datuk Lokman Hakim Sulaiman, International Medical University (IMU) Research Pro Vice-chancellor and Institute for Research, Development and Innovation (IRDI) director. For scientists with a passionate interest, this can take them far afield. One such example involves an intrepid team from IMU – which embarked on an expedition to the Antarctic to better understand the delicate ecosystem of the vast, ice-covered continent.


Learn more about this and the projects that offer insights into IMU’s active involvement in research, which are overseen by IRDI at Research for the Benefit of All (The Star, 14 November 2022).


Online version: Research for the Benefit of All (The Star Online, 14 November 2022).



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