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Rewarding and Life Changing: My Journey in IMU as a Medical Biotechnology Student

14 Nov 2022

My interest towards science spans as far back as in my secondary school when I was always fascinated by those amazing scientific discoveries and breakthroughs that benefit mankind. Since then, I came to realise that scientific knowledge is the indispensable power source driving me to strive further. Thus, the passion of becoming a scientist was seeded in my heart.


Furthermore, I always believe that the easiest way to access new skills, scientific knowledges and adventures is through education. Hence, this brought me to the decision of choosing the Medical Biotechnology programme at International Medical University (IMU) to kick start this journey towards my life goal.

Studying Medical Biotechnology at IMU

Throughout my journey as a Medical Biotechnology (MB) student in IMU, the experiences that I have gained were intriguing and fruitful. The programme structure is very well-organised and it introduces me to a multidisciplinary range of knowledge covering molecular biology, toxicology, bioinformatics, pharmacology, forensic science and even entrepreneurship. I would say that the programme itself enriches my self-discovery pathway.


One of the best things about my journey in IMU is that I could always get a new experience every day. When I first started my journey, I had a hard time trying to meet all the deadlines and attend all the teaching and learning activities. Hence, I started to develop the soft skill of time management.


On top of that, when I was adapting myself to university life in the first year, the country had declared a nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the Nationwide Lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic
All activities such as lectures, tutorials, and workshops were converted into online learning. I believed that all students were having a very hard time adapting themselves to online learning. Nevertheless, I am truly grateful that the lecturers in IMU are very dedicated to their work, and they never fail to deliver the best quality of teaching and learning activities. The lecturers are approachable even after the lecture hours. Their immense guidance and support had pushed us this far.


Despite the nationwide lockdown, we were fortunate to be allowed to enter campus for practical sessions by strictly adhering to standard operating procedures (SOP). I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to learn and pick up all the essential laboratory skills and techniques during the pandemic. Even though most of the physical activities were not allowed, students are encouraged to take part in extra-curriculum activities via virtual platform.

One of the unforgettable experiences was my involvement in the Research Hackathon event as a project leader. By joining this event, I was able to enhance my leadership skills which could shape me into a better leader in the future.


Besides that, I was also one of the members of IMU Scholars’ Society where I had the opportunity to meet inspiring and enthusiastic peers from different cohorts and programmes across IMU. I actively took part in the Society’s activities and through this participation, have gained many invaluable experiences.

I am thankful for all the experiences gained from academics or extra-curriculars as these experiences prepared me to achieve my dream. I have two words to summarise my experiences as a medical biotechnology student in IMU: rewarding and life changing.


After 3 years of journey in IMU and now being a fresh graduate, I am looking forward to further expand my scientific knowledge and skillsets to a higher level. My next step towards my life goal as a scientist is to pursue a postgraduate study overseas to widen my horizon. I wish to use the knowledge that I learn as a valuable entity to make contributions to the society with a greater discovery for the betterment of mankind. Furthermore, I also hope that I can share my knowledge and experiences to the younger generation who are passionate in this field in the future.

Lastly, I would like to share a few words with the current students which may be helpful in their undergraduate journey:
Dream big to pursue your passion boldly
See challenges as a motivation to strive further
Instill the philosophy of life-long learning,
Be resilient physically, socially, spiritually and intellectually

The life as a university student is a mixture of happiness, fulfillment, enjoyment, satisfaction, commitment, and of course the tears of hard work which bring you the taste of bittersweet. Do not look for the ‘right way’ to achieve your dream but look for the way that is best suit for you.

Written by Seow Ke Sin (MB1/19)
Photos credits to Seow Ke Sin (MB1/19)

During the convocation on 5 November 2022, Seow Ke Sin who is from MB1/19 cohort:
Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology
Is a recipient of Tun Zahir Merit Award, which is given to a graduating student who has shown outstanding academic excellence in a graduating class
Is in the Dean’s List of Graduands with High Academic Achievement

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