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Strengthening Community Ties Through Philippines Chiropractic Mission

05 Apr 2024

In a remarkable show of international collaboration and community service, IMU University, Camara Institute for Chiropractic Sciences and Intercare Chiropractic Centre Inc. recently concluded their latest chiropractic mission in the Philippines. Spanning from 25 February to 9 March, 2024, this initiative marked another milestone in the ongoing partnership between these institutions, dedicated to bringing health and wellness to underserved communities.


This year’s mission saw the participation of 14 IMU chiropractic students, 2 alumni, and 2 faculty members. The team, led by faculty members Min Ja Hyeon and Melissa Kioh Sheng Hui, embarked on a transformative journey through several cities, including Pasig City, Caloocan City, Quezon City, Navotas City, and Far Eastern University.

Expanding Reach and Impact

With the gracious support of Camara Institute for Chiropractic Sciences and Intercare Chiropractic in Philippines and the local governments, the missions were set up successfully across these regions, providing chiropractic care to a total of 1,340 patients. This effort surpassed the previous outreach, emphasizing the growing needs and appreciation for chiropractic services in these communities.


Melissa Kioh Sheng Hui, reflecting on the experience, highlighted the team’s ability to deliver over 700 chiropractic treatments, bringing smiles and relief to numerous faces.

The mission also included educational aspects, with lectures and practical sessions on neuromuscular therapy, further enriching the students’ learning experience.

A Journey of Learning and Service

The outreach was not only about providing care but also a profound learning opportunity for the students and faculty involved. Min Ja Hyeon encapsulated the experience, noting the transformative effect of compassion and collaboration witnessed throughout the outreach. The team witnessed the effects of their hard work, from providing treatment for a wide variety of health issues to immersing themselves in the local culture and community life.


Students participating in the mission shared their experiences with a single word each, reflecting a range of positive emotions and personal growth. Words like “Fulfilling,” “Pleasant,” and “Inspiring” painted a vivid picture of their journey and the impact it had on both the communities served and the participants themselves.

Gratitude and Reflection

Both Min Ja Hyeon and Melissa Kioh Sheng Hui expressed their gratitude towards IMU, Malaysia, and Intercare, Philippines, for their unwavering support and the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of the Filipino residents. These sentiments were echoed by the students, who found the experience to be a valuable cornerstone in their chiropractic careers.

Alumni Reflection and Insight

Stella Choo Choy Tian, an alumna participating in the mission, shared her heartfelt experiences:

“I’m honored that I was a part of this outreach programme. As a chiropractor, I’ve always wished to help as many people as I can. Throughout this journey, I was able to see numbers of underprivileged people having various problems due to lack of healthcare coverage and complications from their daily activities. Most of them were able to move better and felt relieved after the treatment. I was happy that I was able to contribute to helping them with their problems. The people there were very friendly and grateful, as this community service doesn’t happen every day.”


“This opportunity taught me how to be more empathetic and adapt to patients when there’s a language barrier. Additionally, the hospitality from the organising team, Intercare, was wonderful. They were very accommodating to us. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and exploring different cultures. This trip helped me expand my knowledge learning new skills from different chiropractors.”

Chew Hui Min, another alumna involved in the mission, expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to supervise students and witness their development:

“I am deeply grateful for the chance to be part of the community outreach programme, supervising students and seeing their impressive progress. Witnessing their courage in participating before the student clinic was truly inspiring, resulting in transformative experiences for all involved.”


“The diverse range of cases we encountered was invaluable. This experience has not only enriched our skills but also fostered a deeper sense of purpose in our chiropractic profession. I eagerly encourage others to join future outreach events, where growth, learning, and impactful community service await.”

Looking Forward

This round of Community Outreach in the Philippines stands as a testament to the power of international collaboration and the commitment to community health and wellness. As this mission concludes, the participants look forward to future opportunities to continue their work, leaving a lasting impact on the communities they serve and paving the way for the next generation of chiropractors.


The journey of the IMU University, Camara Institute for Chiropractic Sciences, and Intercare team in the Philippines not only brought hope and healing to many but also served as a profound educational experience for all involved. It underscored the importance of compassion, dedication, and the power of working together towards a common goal of improving global health.

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