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Safe and Quality Medicine Use Campaign at IMU

28 Jun 2017

25 May 2017 – A dialogue with License A holders was successfully held at the International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil. There were about 180 participants for the dialogue comprising of practicing pharmacist, pharmacy students, lecturers, and pharmacy officers from the Ministry of Health. At the same time, there were also booths, dialogues and talks pertaining to careers in pharmacy, pharmacy practice, Medicine Advertisement Act and role of pharmacy enforcement in Malaysia. This is part of the campaign named “Celik Ubat Semua Selamat” which was launched by the Pharmacy Enforcement Division of Ministry of Health Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya early this month with the aim of promoting safe and quality medicine use. The campaign was a joint collaboration between Pharmacy Enforcement Division of Ministry of Health Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) and International Medical University. The selection of IMU as a collaborator of this campaign was based on the institution of higher learning’s status as an innovative centre of excellence in pharmacy education. During the entire month of this campaign, numerous programmes related to pharmacy enforcement were conducted and the Bachelor of Pharmacy students from IMU were fortunate to be given the opportunity to participate in these programmes. The dialogue with License A holder which was the peak and closing of this campaign were attended by a Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services Ministry of Health, Dr Salmah Bt Bahri, Amrahi Buang, President of MPS and Prof Abdul Aziz Baba, Vice Chancellor of IMU.

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