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The Circus is in Town!

25 Nov 2018

It was a rumbustious day when the IMU students from the Chiropractic programme, CH117 brought the circus to the Children’s Home of Hope. The home which is supported by the National Cancer Society Malaysia, provides child cancer patients and their caregivers from outstation, a comfortable place to stay while undergoing treatment at nearby hospitals in Kuala Lumpur. The project which is under the MPU Social Responsibility module was conducted on 20 October 2018. Project leader, Tanesa Madana Mohan explained that the project aimed to make a difference in the lives of child cancer patients by alleviating the emotional and mental stress they face. The somber atmosphere at the home was changed into a colorful, musical and interactive space for the children to have fun. The fun-filled day kicked-off with a puppet show entitled “Tiga Ekor Lembu dan Seekor Harimau” (Three Little Cows and a Tiger). The children were delighted to see the puppets and participated by echoing the sounds of the animals. This was followed by a dance game to make them do light exercise while having fun. Their curiosity was peeked with a magic box which required them to touch and identify objects. This was followed by a magic show. The children were invited to participate in the show and eagerly wanted to learn the tricks. The day ended with a song session accompanied by a ukulele. The children sang some Malay and English songs and some even danced along. “The activities brought some form of release to the children to help them forget their pain for a moment and focus on being a child,” said Petronilla Joseph, the Coordinator of the home, who was delighted with the effort shown by the IMU students.

“The children who were initially shy were won over by the efforts of the IMU students. This is a promising project that enabled the healthcare students to show empathy, and even more to also realise that there is so much one can do to bring happiness to others,” echoed Dr Sheba D Mani, the Project Advisor.

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