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The Future of Healthcare in the Hands of Pharmacists

18 Aug 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic job crises were rippling many businesses and industries, however, the pharmacy profession, which is divided into industrial and clinical sections, has escaped untouched in terms of both of its essential components. Pharmacists played key roles in the development of vaccine formulations and distribution, especially during the record time of the first and second waves of COVID-19, the contribution of pharmacy professionals as saviors in the present epidemic has been recognised globally. This crisis has also taught us to pay greater attention to the healthcare industry and the policies that must be implemented at the national and global levels.


As a result, opportunities in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are expected to grow exponentially, with an aspired growth rate than expected in the decade. Areas likely to be strengthened include clinical pharmacy, social and administrative pharmacy, pharmacy management and clinical research, healthcare delivery, and digital health applications, in addition to Research and Development. With these tremendously profitable opportunities, young aspirants must seize the opportunity to pursue a career in pharmacy practice or clinical pharmacy.


IMU’s Master in Pharmacy Practice – the Gateway to a New Era


International Medical University (IMU) is the first private medical university in Malaysia offering an extensive range of accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programmes  in medical, dental, pharmacy, and health sciences.


IMU’s Master in Pharmacy Practice (MPP) progamme is unique for its diversified curriculum to enhance the knowledge and skills of pharmacists. This programme is designed to provide professionals with the right skills to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive global healthcare market. With this aim,  the IMU’s Master in Pharmacy Practice programme has four streams namely Clinical Pharmacy, Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management, and Clinical Research. This programme is approved by the Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA), and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).


The MPP Clinical Pharmacy is the most suitable option for those who seek career progression in the hospital and clinical sector as Hospital Pharmacy Manager, Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Physician Assistant, Managers of ward and satellite pharmacy system, Therapeutic Area Experts, and Pharmacovigilance Specialists.

Social and Administrative Pharmacy

This stream is most commonly opted by the aspirants who look for careers as Community Pharmacy Manager, Community Health Worker, Wellness Consultant, Health and Administrative Officer, and Corporate Manager-Healthcare, whereas the

Pharmacy Management 


This stream is the most preferred for Pharmacy Production Manager, Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager, Business Development Pharmacist, and Entrepreneurial Leader.

Clinical Research 

This area is the blooming field nowadays, IMU offers MPP Clinical Research stream which has wide career opportunities such as Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Medical / Technical Writer, Clinical Research Manager, Intellectual Property Executive, Academic Career, Research Associate, and New Drug Development Research Scientist.

Health Service Researcher


Aspirants interested in a patient-centered job can pursue a career in clinical pharmacy. During the epidemic, when doctors and nurses were entirely focused on treating patients, pharmacists handled the essential task of medicine delivery, counselling patients and their attendants. The Pharmacy Council or Pharmacy Board of many Asian countries has issued a gazette notification for the formation and establishment of clinical pharmacist positions in all hospitals to ensure patient safety at all levels of patient care. The Master in Pharmacy Practice graduates are well suited for these positions as a part of the healthcare team for medicine optimisation, selection of drugs, personalised medications, and product counselling.



The Master in Pharmacy Practice Graduates can also pursue entrepreneurial prospects in the pharmaceutical sector through our Pharmacy Management, Social and Administrative Pharmacy streams, and excel in retail or wholesale pharmacy outlets, diagnostic and medical aids industry, testing labs, and clinical research organisations, among other things. They can also play an important role in the drug policy execution by joining the food and drug control department.

The potential in the pharmacy profession to emerge as vertical leaders in health management may be the silver lining in the dreadful cloud of the COVID-19 outbreak. This, of course, necessitates renewed commitment from educational providers, professional organisations, employers, and, most importantly, students themselves. The epidemic has put the profession on a new route to greater contributions in healthcare.

Master in Pharmacy Practice

Full-time: 1 year
Part-time: 2-6 years

Four Streams:

– Clinical Pharmacy
– Social and Administrative Pharmacy
– Pharmacy Management
– Clinical Research

Working professionals can opt for the part-time mode of the programme without compromising their professional duties by using the flexible mode of delivery. The programme contents are delivered by well-renowned local and international experts from the Academic, Industry, Hospital, and Government sectors which is one of the benchmarks of this programme. Past graduates of this programme are working at various higher levels in the local and international arenas, proving that the sky is the limit.

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