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What I Have Learnt as an IMU Chiropractic Student

11 Nov 2022

Growing up as a teenager who was heavily involved in sports, I have always dreamt that I could work beside athletes when I have grown up. Gym coach, sports scientist, physiotherapist… have always been my dream jobs when I was in high school, until I accidentally encountered an injury to my back. That was when I was first introduced to and developed my interest in chiropractic. Ever since then, becoming a chiropractor has been my dream.


In 2018, I was informed that IMU has offered me a place in the Chiropractic programme, which has thrown me over the moon. The 4 years journey as a chiropractic undergraduate student has been like a roller coaster ride. Fortunately for me, I have met a bunch of friends and lecturers that got me through my ups and downs. Our lecturers even took the extra miles to mentor us, and give us advice on our future goals, which has further encouraged me to get involved into sports chiropractic.


The advice given by our lecturers has also led me to a job placement in a local chiropractic centre in Selangor, and I am still taking up external courses and seminars to enhance my knowledge in the healthcare system, hoping that one day I could live up to the standards of top notch sports chiropractors.


The 3 crucial things that I have learnt from IMU to achieve my goals are:
To plan ahead of time effectively
To make enough relevant research
To seek for advice from the right person

As a student, we always have wild thoughts, but having these thoughts alone would never bring us anywhere. It is important for us to turn these wild thoughts into reality, and this starts with having an effective plan ahead of time. Never be afraid to ask questions, and believe me or not, IMU lecturers or professors are the best individuals in the industry you can reach out to, to clear your thoughts regarding your future plans.


Personally, I have this quote that is always engraved in my mind, and that is “Be brave, but never be careless”. Whatever plans you have for your future, do not be afraid that they would turn into failures. Evaluate the plan carefully, perform the necessary risk-benefit analysis, get advice from the right person, and think of how you can turn it into reality. With careful plannings, things are less likely to turn out in a undesirable way. Even if it does, we would be much more prepared to counter it. Be brave, do not turn down our dream by our fear of failure.


Written by Lim Ken, CH218

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