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Working as a Dietitian in a Multinational Food Service Company

19 Mar 2018

Fiona Tan Lai Fa obtained her Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics from International Medical University (IMU) in 2014. Currently, she is working as a dietitian in a multinational food service company that specialises in hospital, industrial and school catering management. She is responsible for guiding her food service team to produce nutritionally balanced meals that are tasty and meets their nutritional needs.

Fiona actively contributes to community outreach by conducting interactive educational cooking classes with her chef colleagues on the importance of nutrition and food safety to students of the schools they cater to. She uses her professional expertise to encourage school children to create simple, healthy and fun dishes.

Fiona used to deliver health talks to students at international schools, explaining to students about a healthy plate and also is actively involved in a cooking class with students. The recent health talks were with Yakult and Guang Ming newspaper – to deliver health talk and a cooking demonstration to public in PJ, Seremban and Ipoh about healthy diet and cancer. Besides that, Fiona delivered a health talk on weight management and cooking demonstration with Indra Balaratnam at a Amway Weight Management event. Furthermore, Fiona was invited by Guang Ming newspaper to share 2 healthy recipes for Chinese New Year and talked about “How to Eat Healthily during Chinese New Year”. The upcoming health talk will be with Sin Chew and Yakult – to talk about breast and colon cancer to the public. Fiona’s aim is to expand her knowledge and experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics to raise the health awareness of the Malaysian community. She is actively involved in health talks (corporate & internal), cooking demonstration, healthy catering, expansion and analysis of menu and producing educational posters. Throughout her experience, it is important to have these 3 elements when delivering health knowledge to people – fun, relatable and simple.

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