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Fazlina Razif:  Taking a Leap of Faith

14 Feb 2023

If we turned our memories back to 2020, we would first recall that we were in the midst of a global pandemic. We would also concur that it was the least ideal economic climate to set up a business, with the endless lock downs we faced and the uncertainty we seemed to be enveloped in. Fazlina Razif acknowledged the obvious risks and still decided to forge ahead with her plans of opening her very own chiropractic clinic. Despite the seemingly impossible circumstances, 3 years later My Spine Network is still going strong.


Chiropractic was an interest Fazlina developed early on as she has always been fascinated by the workings of the human body. Never mind that chiropractic was relatively new in the Malaysian healthcare scene and never mind the stereotypical challenge she may face; she went ahead and pursued a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic at IMU. Upon completion of her studies, Fazlina obtained employment at a private facility.

After 6 years of working with a chiropractic clinic, she took a leap of faith and plunged into entrepreneurship. Working in partnership with her husband and buoyed by the endless support of her family members, Fazlina chose to set up her very own chiropractic clinic in Shah Alam. She astutely played to her strengths when choosing where to set up her clinic as she shares that her clientele base was already established in the area, and she had a strong sense of contributing to her community.

As Fazlina shares her entrepreneurship journey, it is easy to conclude that she treaded on relatively easy waters and faced little to no challenges but listening closer to her, one can’t help feeling that her positive outlook and go getter attitude was what moved mountains. Armed with determination and faith in trusting the process and patience to bid her time paved the way to her achievements. While she enthuses about striking out on your own and learning along the way, she affirms that taking time to learn tricks of the trade goes a long way when managing one’s business..

Fazlina is determined to spread awareness on pain management alternatives which keeps pharmaceutical options as its last resort. She prides on taking time during consultation to ensure her patients are equipped with adequate knowledge on their condition and suitable treatment plans. As they say first impressions are the most important – Fazlina and her clinic are focused on making lasting impressions by demonstrating their skills, knowledge, and professionalism

Needless to say, she has grown quite the clientele and established long term relationships with her patients.  Fazlina is quick to share that Chiropractic has the potential to be instrumental in pain management regardless of the patient’s age and makes it possible to accelerate natural healing of our bodies. She is eager to see chiropractic and medicine evolve side by side providing a thorough and holistic treatment plan for every patient.

Eager to share her experience and knowledge, Fazlina has been a regular at Alumni events and is even an active member of the Alumni Chiropractic Chapter. Through the course of running her business, it has spurned her on to come out of her comfort zone by making herself more visible either online or through events. This is especially true as she reflects on the decision to commence business during a pandemic and managed to attract clients by being visible on social media. IMU has had the privilege of having Fazlina participate in events such as the World Spine Day 2022 at IMU, IMU Alumni Conference 2022 and Chiropractic Networking Day 2022.

When asked about challenges she has faced while managing her clinic, Fazlina shares that putting together a solid team and keeping everyone on the same page to work towards the same direction remains an ongoing effort. This particular detail challenges her leadership skills which she constantly endeavors to improve. While she feels she learns as she goes along and figures things on her feet, a closer look will reveal that once again her positive outlook and relentless spirit are the essence of things turning out well for her.

Fazlina juggles responsibilities as being a business owner, chiropractor, and mother not to mention walking that fine balance of being in business partnership with her husband with that perfect mix of confidence and warmth that is admirable. She is quick to share her achievements with her business partner / husband, dynamic team, and her ever supportive family members.  Fazlina truly brings a refreshing definition to ‘having it all’.


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