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Mental Health Week at IMU Clinical Campus

13 Dec 2017

9 October 2017 – 13 October 2017: The Mind Matters Club, IMU organised a Mental Health Week in conjunction with World Mental Health Day (on 10 October every year), following their theme of this year, “Mental Health in the Workplace”. Our objectives were to increase mental health awareness and understanding among the students, faculty and staff in IMU, encourage people to seek help when needed, reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and engage all members of the community in activities that can enhance their mental health and well-being. Various events were held throughout the Mental Health Week. The IMU Mental Health Week started with an opening ceremony and a welcoming party for new comers to the Seremban Clinical Campus (Semester 6 students) at John Bosco Lecture Theatre (JBLT). After a brief introduction on Mind Matters Club and Mental Health Week by our Vice-President Navid, a talk on ‘Managing Stress as a Medical Student’ was given by Dr Shane Varman. Mental Health Week was then officiated by Prof Nazimah Idris, Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs. A scrumptious lunch was provided to the participants after the talk.

On the second day of the week, a CME on ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’ was held. A talk on ‘Stress Management in the Workplace’ was given by Dr Rasyid. Then Dr Anandjit, an invited psychiatrist from Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, spoke on ‘Anxiety Disorders’ to the IMU faculty, staff and students. We were grateful to receive good responses from majority of the participants, mostly about the two interesting speakers whom we invited for the CME.

We also invited Mahisha Naidu, who is a member of the Association of Dance/Movement Psychotherapy in UK to conduct a Dance/Movement Therapy class for IMU students on the third day. Students were taught on the benefits of Dance/Movement Therapy and how this expressive therapy supports intellectual, emotional and motor functions of the body. Although not many attended but the feedback was very good as they stated that the class was interesting and interactive. Throughout the week, there was also a Mental Health Poster Exhibition corner at the foyer of Seremban Clinical Campus to increase awareness and understanding on mental health in the workplace among the students and staff in IMU. Students were encouraged to read the articles and posters and take photos at a 3D photo booth set up in the poster exhibition.

Written by Loi Kai Mean,  Secretary, Mind Matters Club, IMU Clinical Campus

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