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X’mas Photo Contest Brings Together IMU’s Students and Staff

12 Feb 2016

25 November to 16 December 2015 – During this festive month of giving and sharing in December, the IMU Student Ambassadors 2015/2016 successfully organised the third Student-Staff Interactive Activity. The third Student-Staff Interactive Activity for the year, Student-Staff X’Mas Photo Contest, was a Christmas themed photo contest whereby all current IMU staff and students were invited to participate in this contest as a team. This activity was led by a team of Student Ambassadors, Lee Juen Jiat, Tan Yan Ting, Kelly Wong Wang Ling and Ou Chai Shin. The photo contest was promoted publicly in Facebook and a photo booth was set up outside library and atrium during the entry period to encourage more students and staff to join this contest. In the hopes of fostering and strengthening bonds between students and staff outside the classroom or office hours, both students and staff were invited to snap a photo together with their favorite staff and student and upload their photos in the IMU Student Ambassadors Facebook Page as an entry in order to join this contest. To make Christmas more meaningful and exciting, the entry photos can be taken with Christmas props or decorated with Christmas filters, stickers or backgrounds before uploading into the ‘Student-Staff X’Mas Photo Contest’ tab. tan Sri “For me, it was an exciting yet fun experience approaching staff & lectures to take Christmas-themed photos together to win the contest. And by the end, it wasn’t about just winning but taking teamwork to another level. I’d definitely join something like this again!” – Angeline Yeoh There were 31 entries by the end of the photo contest entry period on 8 December 2015. Among the astounding number of entries, the then President of IMU, YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman and the then Dean of Pharmacy, Prof Yeoh Peng Nam were two of the many staff that participated in this contest. During the voting period from 9 December to 16 December, all 31 teams were aggressively sharing their entries on their Facebook timeline to gain votes. Everyone was determined to collect votes for their own photos and it was great to witness the strong interaction and teamwork between the staff and students. Besides that, family and friends of the participants were also very supportive of this by actively sharing the entries and requesting for votes. By the end of the two weeks’ voting period on 16 December, the top 3 entries with the highest votes were declared winners of the contest. Tan Khai Wei and Xin Yuan, with a total number of 139 votes was the Champion team and was awarded with RM50 Aeon Voucher and RM50 MPH Voucher each. Coming in as the First Runner Up, Chan Weng Sang and Dr Murugesh were awarded with RM50 MPH Voucher and RM20 Aeon Voucher each with a total of 126 votes. Lastly, Lim Chen Sing and Dr Wong Zhi Hang was declared Second Runner Up team with a number of 92 votes and were both awarded with RM50 MPH voucher. The prize giving ceremony for the Student Staff X’mas Photo Contest was held during the Staff Christmas tea party on 17 December at the IMU Driveway. The event officially ended on 17 December and everyone went home with all smiles. oneTwoThree

 The top three entries

Due to the good response and feedback from this event, the Student Ambassadors are even more determined and committed to bring the whole IMU community together as a whole by carrying out more events. For more events and updates, please visit the IMU Student Ambassadors Facebook page

“It’s not winning or losing. It’s the friends and the people that you meet along the way” – Summer Altice

This article was written by IMU Student Ambassador and pharmacy student, Angeline Yeoh.

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