Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Message from the Director

Dr Sow Chew Fei

Our mission at the International Medical University, Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre is to establish as a centre for higher education providing training through multidisciplinary programmes. We aim to train knowledgeable and skilful professionals with high ethical standards who will be dedicated to serve and improve the quality of life of the community. We provide hands-on engaging programmes utilising all aspects and modes of simulation to create realistic educational opportunities in a safe learning environment to improve patient safety and quality of care. Our experienced staff tailored individualised scenarios to achieve desired outcome of any programme. Our learners are from various disciplines of healthcare as well as different non-medical fields, who benefit from skills development especially as first respondents. We invite you to contact us for your education needs.

Dr Sow Chew Fei
Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre,
Associate Dean, Clinical & Experiential Learning
MBBS (India), Diploma in Dermatology (Glasgow, UK), Dip MEd (Dundee, UK).

About the Centre

Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

The  Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (CSSC) is geographically located at different campuses of International Medical University (IMU). In the Bukit Jalil (BJ) campus, it is a purpose designed training centre located in the ground floor whereas in the Seremban campus, it is located at the first floor. It is used by all programmes in IMU for their teaching, learning and assessment activities. There is multiple small rooms, wards, briefing rooms and a students’ self-directed learning space in both the CSSC. Most of the rooms are convertible to different sizes with collapsible partition according to the needs for various activities and student numbers. This is easily adaptable to recreate different healthcare settings and hospital ward environment. The CSSC complies with local policies in respect to staff conduct, privacy, occupational health and safety as required by the respective Malaysian governance framework and the university policies. The centre offer high quality training facilities within a realistic but risk free environment. We have a range of simulation equipment and manikins.

Our multidisciplinary team comprises of a group of health professionals made up of doctors, nurses and administration staff. We contribute training in clinical and communication skills to all programmes in IMU. We also provide both formative and summative assessments to IMU students. The self-directed learning space is open for students’ practise in procedural skills and venue for clinical skill practise.

Our centre is available for external organisation to hire for training purposes. Our operation hours is from 8:30am -5:00pm, every Monday to Friday. We are closed on public holiday and OSCE days.

Our Vision

IMU will be an innovative global centre of excellence in learning and research, supporting a community of scholars and professionals committed to serving society, promoting the development of students to reach their true potential in becoming competent, ethical, caring and inquiring citizens and visionary leaders.

IMU is committed to academic freedom and the principles of equal opportunity in the pursuit and application of knowledge, the highest standards of intellectual, educational and research productivity, and the establishment of a learning organization that respects the individual.

Our Mission

Strengthen IMU as a centre of excellence for health-related undergraduate and postgraduate programmes

Train competent professionals with the use of innovative technologies of knowledge especially ICT

Train knowledgeable and skilful professionals who are ethical and dedicated to serve and improve the quality of life of the community

Establish IMU as a centre for postgraduate training and CPD

Establish IMU as a centre for higher education providing training through multi-disciplinary programmes

Our Services

Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Direct Observation of Procedural Skills

Direct observation of procedural skills or DOPS is a structured assessment for students on their practical procedure competency as well as communication skills with the patient. This is part of a competency assessment required in undergraduate training. [Read More]

Simulated Patient Programme

IMU started the SP Programme more than 15 years ago under the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (CSSC). To date, we have approximately 100 SPs in our databank. The SPs come from various ages, ethnic, medical and surgical history, educational and occupational background. Teaching activities included physical examination, history taking, video recording, dispensing skills, counselling skills, special circumstances like dealing with patient and giving feedback. [Read More]

The Peer Tutor Programme

The Peer Tutor Programme started in December 2011 and was initiated by Dr Janet Porter, visiting lecturer from St. George’s University, UK. The concept and evidence for peer teaching has long been part of the medical education programme. It was also created in line with the International Medical University’s Policy for Peer tutoring. [Read More]

Our Facilities

Renowned Facilities

Some of the facilities we provide at the centre include briefing rooms, X-Ray rooms and even a gymnasium.
X-Ray Room 2

X-Ray Room



Chinese Medicine Room

Chinese Medicine Room

Pharmacy Lab

Pharmacy Lab

Briefing Room

Briefing Room

Get to Know the Academic Members of the Centre

The academic community of IMU pursues and achieves excellence in a wide range of research activities. Our faculty members are highly qualified and experienced in different disciplines.

Locate Us

IMU Bukit Jalil

Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre (CSSC)  is located at the Ground Floor of the IMU Main Campus in Bukit Jalil, next to Oral Health Centre (OHC). At IMU Clinical Campus Seremban, the centre is located on the First Floor.

Programmes Offered

Celebrating Teaching & Learning Activities

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