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17th Humanities Day: Students Showcase Inspiring Projects Based on the Theme Power to the People

26 May 2023

The Centre for Bioethics and Humanities organised its 17th Humanities Day, on 22 and 23  March, 2023 at the Atrium of International Medical University. The event showcased innovative ideas and insightful projects based on the theme Power to the People. Students from ME123 (medicine programme), DT123 (dentistry programme), and PC123(pharmaceutical chemistry programme), exhibited their work in the form of posters and choral speaking presentations.


The 17th Humanities Day kicked off with an awe-inspiring choral speaking presentation titled The Voice of Youth. Coordinated by the talented Caleb and presented by the Arts Appreciation class students, the performance left the audience feeling energized and moved by the powerful message.

After the show-stopping performance, visitors were invited to explore the booths featuring the diverse range of poster presentations. The displays were truly impressive, showcasing the brilliance of the students’ ideas and creativity. Students from the History of Medicine module shared that they found it fascinating to learn about the historical figures who contributed to the healthcare industry.

They were inspired by the founders of the artificial kidney, vaccine, and pasteurization process, and felt a sense of pride in their contributions to the field.


Meanwhile, students from the Art Fundamentals module enjoyed showcasing their creativity and talent by incorporating influential people into their art projects.

They expressed how proud they were of their fine handiwork skills and how they enjoyed depicting a singular story of notable persons, such as Nelson Mandela, Malala, and Abraham Lincoln.

According to one of the students from this module, “I enjoyed working with my group members to create our artwork and model of our chosen influential person. It was a great opportunity to showcase our creativity and express our ideas through art.”


Reflecting on their experiences, students from the Thinking Critically and Creatively (TCC) module shared that they enjoyed working on 3D models of solutions to daily life’s problems.

They expressed their excitement about the opportunity to apply their critical thinking skills to real-world challenges and were proud of their creations, which included a back and neck support chair, vending machine for medication, and treatment for sleep deprivation.

One TCC student remarked, “It was challenging to come up with an innovative solution to daily life’s problems, but it was fulfilling to see our 3D models come to life. This module has taught me to think outside of the box and to be creative in solving problems.”

On the second day of the event, students from the Philosophy and Current Issues module showcased their findings on famous philosophers with a central theme of Social Reform. They created posters that detailed the ideas developed by philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche, Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, and others.

The students also decorated their exhibition booths with additional visual aids like infographics, sculptures, and mascots to effectively deliver their message to the audience.


Overall, the 17th Humanities Day was an inspiring and educational experience for all attendees. The Centre for Bioethics and Humanities has truly succeeded in showcasing the students’ talents and insights on the theme Power to the People.


Humanities Day was a tremendous success, providing a platform for students to enhance their knowledge in humanities and develop essential skills like teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. The students expressed their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the event and their appreciation for the Centre for Bioethics and Humanities faculty members who organized and supported them throughout the event.


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Written by: Alyaa Huda (DT123) & Lee Min Ci (ME123)
Edited by: Carol Chin & Dr Thulasi, Lecturer, Centre for Bioethics and Humanities

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