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IMU’s School of Pharmacy Research Team Won Silver Medal at ITEX 2019

13 May 2019

2 – 4 May 2019 – IMU‘s School of Pharmacy research team won a silver medal under the category of ‘Medical and Health’ for their invented product, hyperbranched poly(glycerol esteramide) (HPGEA)  at the International Invention and Innovation Exhibition  (ITEX) 2019. The product was a result of a project conducted in collaboration with Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

The IMU research team comprised of
Dr Lee Choy Sin Head of Department, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy
Prof Mallikarjuna Rao Pichika Associate Dean for Research and Consultancy, School of Pharmacy
Amala Muniandy MSc Medical and Health Sciences by Research student and alumna of BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The novel HPGEA was synthesised from the renewable oleochemicals and the synthesis route embraces green technology concept where it is a catalyst-free, solvent-free and zero waste synthesis method. The biodegradable HPGEA is also a non-toxic polymer which is suitable to be incorporated into pharmaceutical formulations to improve the bioavailability of the pharmaceutical products including the solubility, release rate and physical properties of the product. The examples of HPGEA prepared dosage forms include tablets, suppositories, topical cream, capsules and ointment.

This promising collaborative invention had resulted in the filing of a Malaysian Patent in November 2018. The research team is now exploring on upscaling the production of the HPGEA and the multifunctional excipient properties of the polymer products in various pharmaceutical dosage forms.

About International Invention and Innovation Exhibition (ITEX) 2019 
The International Invention and Innovation Exhibition (ITEX) 2019 marked its 30th installation this year. Every year, the international renowned exhibition organised by MINDS (Malaysian Invention and Design Society) attracts participation from national and international researchers and inventors from higher learning institutions as well as corporate companies, individuals and even high school and university students. The event is supported by the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTEC) as part of World Scratch Day.

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