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Full Scholarships to Attend Summer School in China

24 Aug 2018

Five International Medical University (IMU)   Chinese Medicine students, Lau Suat Hoon, Chong Shet Yee, Pearly Wong Yie Chin, Poon Kah Wey and Khoo Zhi Yean received full scholarship to attend Summer School for two weeks in Shanghai, China. The scholarship was awarded by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM). One of the five students, Chong Shet Yee shares their experience in Shanghai.

“I am a Chinese Medicine student from IMU, cohort CM 215. I had an opportunity to spend two weeks in Shanghai, China to attend Summer School which is organised by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM). As part of the programme, I visited GongLi Hospital and ZhouJiaDu Community Health Service Center. At the exhibition hall of GongLi Hospital, representatives from the hospital explained the basic theories of the five elements as well as Yin and Yang in Chinese Medicine. Besides, they explained the equipment of an acupuncture test in ancient times by showing us a large bronze acupuncture figure. There were also various display machines to help us better understand Chinese Medicine concepts. We also visited the Acupuncture Department in ZhouJiaDu Community Health Service Center where the physician showed us the ear model and ear acupuncture. A unique experience at this programme was to explore Yi Da Herbal Garden. We were able to see and touch many herbs that we have learned during the Materia Medica lectures at IMU, which cannot be found in Malaysia. I was really amazed by the ancient compartmental Chinese herbs cabinet that was available in its museum. The Chinese language classes are also very interesting. The lecturer introduced us to the cultures and foods of other cities in China such as ChongQing. Besides, she interpreted China’s 4 Great Masterpieces in Chinese Literature which are the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Water Margin and Dream of the Red Chamber which has really helped us to have a brief idea on storyline of these classic novels. On top of that, we learnt more about the Chinese cultures through Taiji, calligraphy and Chinese ink painting. Additionally, we had fun participating in the experiential activities that were arranged by the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM). Huang Pu River Tour Yacht at night gives us the opportunity to see the city’s most significant landmarks where we were able to see the city sparkle and experience the incandescent beauty of The Bund from cruising. Besides, the acrobatics performance that we attended was amazing and totally breathtaking.

On this truly amazing and eye-opening experience, we met different people from different backgrounds, people from Russia, America, Korea, Poland, France, Germany, Dubai and Brazil. Most of them do not know Chinese, however, some of them managed to perform a Chinese song of their own composition during the closing ceremony. My classmates and I are very fortunate to receive full scholarship to take part in this programme. I am very grateful to have a golden opportunity to visit the beautiful Shanghai. This valuable experience cannot be replaced and it will forever stay in my memory.”

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