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Graduating: The Beginning of a New Chapter

08 Nov 2023

My journey to IMU started when I attended an educational fair at Midvalley, KL. I was drawn to the IMU booth as it was the most happening booth and I was greeted by a lecturer who was all out to guide me on my career path. She also advised me to attend the Open Day a week later, which I did.


It was always my dream and passion to work as a researcher and the Medical Biotechnology programme offered here at IMU seemed like just the right thing for me. This 3-year programme covered a vast area of scientific knowledge in the fields of molecular and cell biology, cell tissue culture and chemistry. We were well guided by highly experienced and skilled lecturers and educators who were ever-willing to share their knowledge and guide us through any shortcomings. Besides educational support, students were also given moral support by caring mentors who made time to attend to our needs.


During my time at IMU, I was also lucky enough to be a committee member of the Medical Biotechnology Day 2022 and it prepared me to take on responsibilities and boost my confidence. I also applaud IMU for placing importance in community projects. This had provided me with the opportunity to be involved in a mini community service project called ‘Anxiety Awareness Month’. I designed social media posts together with other members and we had great feedback and response. It was an amazing experience for me and it had also provided me a platform to learn simple designing.


I had the good fortune of having good friends in our team of nine students. I enjoyed the good company of the students and we managed to build a good rapport through group discussions and presentations. The support of friends was something I would treasure and am grateful to IMU for.


The final-year project was a well-designed research project which covered an extensive array of downstream analysis procedures for cell culture work. It moulded me to become a good researcher which was of great help during my internship, whereby I had to assist a PhD student in his research.

Internship in Australia

The highlight of my degree was the 6-month internship experience in Australia. My in-depth knowledge in this field has prepared me for the real working environment. This was one of the reasons why I was selected as an intern at the University of Newcastle, Australia. My supervisors in Australia were very impressed by the pre-existing practical knowledge I had from IMU through our frequent practical sessions.  In Australia, I experienced a great work-life balance and the knowledge obtained was immense. I was fortunate enough to be under the tutorship of Prof Christopher Scarlett and Dr Judith who guided me well through the programme.


Upon completion of my internship, I am currently assisting my father with his business and also looking for a job with teaching being my main option. My passion for teaching was sparked by my mother and it won’t do justice if I don’t mention Dr Kok Yih Yih, Dr Wong Chiew Yen and Dr Premdass. I admire and respect these people for their high level of dedication and magnanimity towards educating the younger generation.

My Advice for Future Students

Never give up on something you hold so dearly to. The thrill of achieving success is to face the challenges that come with it. Believe me, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Written by Niwasini A/P Krishna Kumar

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