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A Vibrant Kaleidoscope of the Diverse Lives at IMU

29 Dec 2018

Humans of IMU (HOI), a platform to appreciate the sung and unsung heroes of IMU, to capture and bring to awareness the issues of our age, encourages us to empathise and broaden our perspectives of the community. This year’s event was themed Kaleidoscope as a celebration and representation of the diverse lives that walk amidst the walls of IMU. With every story comes a unique colour, and when all these stories came together, a beautiful symphony of colours formed a vibrant kaleidoscope.

Short Story Competition

2018 marks the third year of HOI with the 3-day event boasting a myriad of activities including a short story competition, quizzes with prizes, a photo booth where students and staff alike could pose for remembrance, and of course, a couple of live performances by the talented students of IMU. An enclave like booth situated in the center of the atrium featured the many stories written by the students. Stepping into the booth felt like entering a whole other world, with the captivating set up and attention to detail, every story was featured with a cute and minimalistic element of representation. Moments prior to the opening ceremony, students scurried to the booth to fill up their quiz forms. A good way to draw people into reading, the quiz required participants to answer questions based on the stories featured during the event. Emcee May Hsan initiated the event which was subsequently followed by speeches from Sharon Theresa Au Raj – Project Leader of HOI, Gan Yee Hung – President of the Editorial Board and Archana, Advisor for Student Ambassadors 2018. The event was then officiated by core HOI organisers through a banner release. The first performance of the day was a sweet and soothing acapella rendition of Lost Stars – Adam Levine by IMU Student Ambassador Goh Yu Shaine which received an astounding applause. The serenade was then followed by a dance series of contrasting genre ranging from urban to the more traditional Chinese Fan dance by dance troupe The Inordinary to close the ceremony.

All in all, HOI 2018 will be well cherished by the community in IMU, living up to its purpose of appreciating the many differences we see amidst these four walls. Related stories: Humans of IMU : Appreciating the Heroes of IMU

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