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IMU’s Medical Students at University of Tasmania, Australia

01 Apr 2014

International Medical University (IMU) medical students have the option to complete their studies locally at IMU or study the first part of the programme at IMU and then transfer to one of its partner universities in Australia, UK, USA Ireland or Canada for completion of their degree. One of the partner universities that the students can transfer to is the University of Tasmania in Australia (UTAS). Students study the first two and a half years of their medical degree in IMU and then transfer to University of Tasmania for another three years for the completion of their degree.


“The UTAS staff are very friendly and provide great hospitality ….which helped us to adapt to Australia faster than we thought. UTAS is one of the few universities that provide cadaver session to help students in having a better understanding of anatomy. It was a great learning experience… something I would not want to trade”, said Esther, currently a Year 4 student who was in IMU before transferring to the University of Tasmania.

IMG_1229 (800x598) Director, Student Development and Support, MBBS Program, School of Medicine, University of Tasmania, Associate Professor Dr Emma Warnecke said,

“We have a long standing relationship with IMU and we look forward to welcoming five students each year into the third year of the programme.  Every year, the students seem to get even better.  Their kind nature and gentle manner ensures IMU students are well liked and appreciated within the medical school.”

Another Year 4 student who was in IMU before transferring to the University of Tasmania, Dhunushia said,

“UTAS has an excellent support network for international students and a great teaching and learning environment.”

IMG_6946 (800x533)UTAS has a growing reputation as one of Australia’s foremost teaching and research institutions. With a history spanning almost 125 years, the university is ranked in the top ten research universities in Australia and in the top two per cent of universities in the world. With more than 29,000 students, UTAS provides a creative and stimulating environment, providing opportunities for our students to engage in an international learning experience through student exchanges and a multicultural campus life. The university’s community is strengthened by a network of more than 90,000 alumni spanning more than 120 countries, and is underpinned by collaborative partnerships with other organisations who share our strategic outlook. Suman who is a 3rd year student advised IMU students who intends to transfer to a university in Australia to enrol in UTAS as the system in the University is almost similar to that of IMU. Therefore it will take a much lesser time to settle into the course.

“My transition into the programme has been much easier than I thought it would be. The orientation programme that was organised was a very complete approach on what we needed to know before starting our studies here. The brand new Menzies building and our dissection lab is definitely worth a mention as learning anatomy here has been a good experience so far”, added Suman

IMG_1465 (800x533) Another fourth year student, Shivabarathi, said,

“An opportunity to study in UTAS is one of the best things that happened to me and it will always be. I am glad that I sailed through the transition from pre-clinical to clinical phase in UTAS. The holistic teaching and supportive environment in UTAS has facilitated and enriched my learning experience in medicine. Small group teachings, lectures, dissection and dry lab sessions (for neuroendocrine), bed-side teaching, consulting skills sessions and senior students-led tutorials were all excellent learning opportunities for me. Student-centred academic and language support programs, vast library resources, and most importantly, friendly people and ever motivating and encouraging educators in UTAS are very valuable to me as they assisted me to pull through my first clinical year. 
A good thing I love about our medical school is that, besides its modern architecture and design, it is strategically located in the centre of the city. Hospital and clinical school library just across the road from the medical school is indeed very convenient.”  

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