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Acupuncture Anatomy: Unveiling Through the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine with Silent Mentors

19 Jan 2024

The IMU Chinese Medicine (CM) Department’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event, ‘Acupuncture Anatomy: Unveiling through the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine with Silent Mentors,’ gathered 45 participants, including Chinese Medicine clinicians from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, USA and other countries, at the Academy for Silent Mentor Training (AFSM) Centre on 6 December, 2023.


Led by CM’s industrial partner and preceptor, Dr Tham Hui Saan, Director of HAN Neuro Acupuncture & Herbal Specialists, the workshop, supported by distinguished facilitators like Prof Chin Kin Fah (Director of AFSM), Dr Nabil Ahmed Saleh Eid (IMU), and Prof Zhou Wenxin from (IMU), aimed to address practical acupuncture challenges and explore needling techniques across various anatomical levels.


This immersive workshop offered a unique hands-on experience with both embalmed and fresh cadavers. Participants delved into needling acupoints across different anatomical layers, aligning traditional acupuncture practices with modern anatomical knowledge. Dr Tham Hui Saan emphasized the intricate connections between needling methods and anatomical structures, connecting ancient wisdom with contemporary practice.


According to one participant, Dr Tham’s insights showcased the depth of connection between ancient wisdom and modern practice. Prof Chin Kin Fah and Dr Nabil Eid’s detailed dissections of the head, face, neck, chest, abdomen, upper and lower limbs anatomy also proved enlightening.


Feedback revealed deep appreciation for the workshop’s depth and practicality. Participants valued witnessing live dissections and gaining hands-on experience, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and clinical application.


The event not only enhanced anatomical understanding but empowered practitioners to elevate their acupuncture practice to new heights of precision and safety, notably through practical experiences with cadavers. Learning about dangerous yet effective acupoints equipped participants with the knowledge to navigate these points confidently, minimising adverse effects on patients, as shared by one attendee.

The CPD event not only fostered an exchange of knowledge but also illuminated the significance of amalgamating traditional principles with contemporary medical practices. It stood as a testament to IMU’s commitment to providing practitioners with opportunities for holistic growth and advancement in the field of Chinese Medicine.

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